Thursday, April 5, 2012

Garden Junking - Lakehills, Texas

The Texas Hill Country north and west of San Antonio has many unique aspects, from interesting plants, such as the Texas Madrone tree I posted about earlier, to plenty of little shops and small towns along the way.

Last week my friend Ragna and I headed west to Lakehills, TX about 45 minutes from San Antonio to enjoy a day of thrift shopping and views of the Texas Hill Country.  Today's post is for thrift shop and garden junk fans.  There are a lot of you out there because Yeya's in San Antonio has been my most popular post by far.

Our first stop was the Lakehills Trading Post at 12410 Park Rd 37, right by the sign for Hill of Contentment which I found quite fitting for this adventure.

The exterior fits the western style of most buildings in the area.

The owner, Sharon Spears, has put together great selection of vintage glassware, collectibles and plenty of other nice items.

Plenty of pretty options for garden stakes, fairy gardens, totems, and dish flowers here.

The prices are good and less than similar shops in San Antonio.

I was thrilled to find more green insulators to add to my collection in the garden.

Very nice Hill Country style iron and wood pieces on display.

The inventory changes daily and she also sells special finds on ebay as well.  Lakehills Trading Post has a facebook page and you can also reach Sharon at 210-771-0663.

After we loaded up our purchases from the trading post, we walked across the road to Cherokee's Shop.

Rozanne Martinez features lots of rust and old tools at her shop

I liked this floor inside the shop

A different approach to bottle trees

Rusty cultivator, tricycle and other items

Old signs, tools, and barbed wire displayed on the garage

Just in case you forgot we're in Texas!

You can reach Rozanne by email at

I enjoyed our visit to both these shops and came home with cool stuff for my garden.  We headed next to nearby Medina Lake and I'll share views of the lake and plants in a future post.


  1. These look like cool places.
    We have two thrift shops, here in Wimberley. I think that's unusual for such a small town. I've found some good stuff there.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your shopping trip.

  2. Thanks Shirley looks GREAT!!

  3. Hi Shirley,

    Really enjoyed your pictures of Sharon's store and of Cherokee's place.
    (The color is exceptional).

    Especially enjoyed all your wonderful comments and captions.
    I expect to see you on the "Today Show" next !!!

    Bob (Ragna's "mulch guy")

  4. Been to both places. Very unique finds.
    The greatest treasures you find are the store owners.
    Love spending the afternoon just chatting and browsing and find cool deals.
    Love ya Sharon i am sooooo amazed how the store has changed!
    Hope to come by again soon.

  5. Thank you all for stopping by and leaving such nice messages.
    Bob the "mulch guy", that's funny.

    I look forward to my next visit with Sharon and Rozanne to see what's new in Lakehills.


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