Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Wildlife Wednesday: January 2018

It's the first Wednesday of 2018 and that means Wildlife Wednesday hosted by Tina at "My Gardener Says....".  It's also been really, really cold down here in South Texas for the last week or so.  Not as cold as some places we've lived, but we chose not to retire to Boston for good reason.  With busy December behind us, I did get some cool wildlife photos.

American Robins joined us for Christmas week this year.  Tell a child the Robin's scientific name is Turdus migratorious and they just might find bird watching more fun.  My kind of fun fact is their eggs are the same color as a Tiffany box.

True to the "migratorious" designation, Robins are only temporary spring and fall visitors so we don't get to see their nests or eggs.

Round orange bellies and active, assertive personalities make them fun to watch while they're here. 

Coyotes have been increasing in numbers around our neighborhood which is a serious cause for concern since they have been taking pets and deer.  We've heard the pack at night loudly tearing into their latest catch.  While the local deer herd could use a little thinning it's a very unpleasant sound.  I was quite surprised to look out from the kitchen around 5pm last night and spot a coyote wandering across the yard in daylight and sub-freezing weather.

He must have been looking for water but it was all frozen.  Neal went out and made some noise which is the best response according to the city website.  Make them feel unwelcome.  Okay, that's pretty much the case since I really don't want to look up from weeding some day and find one of these canines walking around like he owns the place.

Despite all appearances, we don't live in the country.  There's a 9-story hotel looming over the back yard and 70-foot high flyovers of a major freeway interchange are just a few blocks away.

We're warming up fast and should be back in the 70s by Sunday.  That's a good 50 degrees warmer than yesterday!

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