Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cactus Flower Beauty

This beautiful red cactus flower opened Monday measuring four inches across and four inches tall.  Quite a feat for a barrel cactus just over six inches tall.

Anticipation began a few days ago when this small barrel cactus produced a surprisingly large bud.  On Sunday the bud began to show off a deep red color.

Monday morning it opened revealing a gorgeous dark coral flower with striking proportions. 

The color and beauty of this bloom was a surprise since we had just recently planted this one.  It was marked simply "cactus" at Walmart.

The color works beautifully with the Hesperaloe parviflora now blooming and the form plays nicely with the Agave Ovatifolia.

By evening the bud had begun to close up

I checked on it Tuesday morning and it had already started its decline.  As with most cacti their blooms are short lived.  But there are two buds showing so I will be anticipating more blossoms soon.


  1. How pretty! What a nice surprise.
    It does go beautifully, with the hesperaloes and agave. Great combo there.

  2. Excellent combo with the Agave and Hesperaloe!

  3. Ooooh! I don't know if that cactus bloom color reminds me of a cherry slush or a red wine, but that is hot yet refreshing where it's placed.

  4. Striking - cacti amaze me. Love your combo too!!!!!

  5. Thank you all! I see the next one is beginning to emerge. Would love to see this one multiply.

    No idea if it is hardy either.

  6. Lovely to see a cactus growing and blooming in a natural environment. Here we would have to grow it into a pot, a small one at that.

  7. What a spectacular flower! The color, size and shape are truly something to behold! Cactus flowers are very special.


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