Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Antique Rose Emporium: More Than Just Roses

A few days ago I posted my most recent visit to The Antique Rose Emporium here in San Antonio.  On that post I focused on the beautiful array of roses in bloom.  There was a lot to see in addition to the roses that day so here's another post with photos of some of the many other sights in the garden.  I also found another clue in a plant mystery.

A whimsical whirligig

These pink poppies by the entrance are attention grabbers every spring


Foxglove, iris, columbine on the east side of the check out building.  Now that I see these growing here, I'll try them as annuals next year.

More columbine, love the colors on these

Red Poppies

Cheerful container planting for spring


 This Giant Hesperaloe is blooming in front of the adobe arcada
Agave Ovatifolia, winecup, poppies, lambs ear in front of the adobe wall.  There are at least two of these in the gardens, the leaf pattern mimics roses.  On this trip I purchased winecup to add to my own garden.

Even the petunias stand out here!

Across the courtyard - spiderwort, fan palm, ornamental grass in a container

Mexican Honeysuckle in the blue adobe courtyard
Bring your lunch and picnic in the bluebonnets by the gazebo

Or picnic near the greenhouse

I love the low border and the garden plantings at the greenhouse garden

Beautiful Yucca Rostrata by the hacienda

I also might have found another clue to the identity of the mystery grasses I posted about several weeks ago.  These look very similar and are tagged El Toro Muhly (Muhlenbergia emersleyi) sometimes called Bull Grass, so at least that confirms the grass is a muhly grass.  I'll check back on this spot through the year and see if I can confirm.

Just in case you wondered, I purchased the mislabeled grasses at another garden center and not here at The Antique Rose Emporium.

One last look at the gazebo before I head out to finish my errands for the day.

I'll be back to check on the ever-changing landscapes at ARE soon.

Note:  The Antique Rose Emporium closed its San Antonio location in 2012.


  1. This place is beautiful. I have GOT to get down there.

  2. Lovely views. I love the annuals. I need to incorporate more annuals in my garden.

  3. your garden is amazing! I love the rustic style you approached!thank you for sharing with us this little piece of heaven!