Thursday, February 21, 2013

Visiting Vivero Growers

On my return trip from Austin I avoided the crowded interstate and headed west on US 290 into the Texas Hill Country.  My route took me right past Vivero Growers near Dripping Springs so of course I had to stop for a visit.

The vignette by the office near the front caught my eye immediately.  Gorgeous colors!  I've been planning to add a bright color to my garden and orange is emerging as the front runner.  The talavera pot looks so fresh here.

The container arrangements around the nursery were the best I've seen recently.  Note the Opuntia robusta in the back right with the Texas star cutout.

Large size golden barrels near the front.  Seeing this makes me think I should add more barrel cactus.  Yucca and loropetalum in the container planting.

A row of tall San Pedro Cactus well packed for a road trip.

Weeping atlas cedars are always attention grabbers.

Another satsuma by the greenhouse

Quilted Opuntia robusta and Teddy Bear cholla which is not cuddly -- note they are being restrained.

A look inside the greenhouse

Agave with ocotillo and colorful sedum

Yucca in blue container.  It's the black mondo grass that really caught my eye since it's a rare find in this area, but it is pricey.

Loved this one of a beautiful olive tree combined with fescue

I purchased drought tolerant Wooly stemodia to use as a flowering ground cover.  Vivero is a good resource if you are looking for high-end container and specimen plants.


  1. I'll need to go visit Vivero soon -- it looks ready for spring purchases!

  2. Another wonderful nursery visit! Seeing citrus growing on trees still amazes me. I know that's where they come from (not the supermarket) but the sight is so exotic. The smell of citrus in bloom is also pretty special. A lot of cacti looking really good here!

  3. Glad you made it by there.

    I really need to get over there soon, too. It's not that far away, for me.

  4. I love seeing the succulent combos in the pots since I'm in the process of doing some of that. Your photos have given me some ideas. I always appreciate posts about nursery visits.


  5. How exciting to see on my blog roll "Visiting Vivero Growers"! I am so glad you stopped in! I don't think I was there or if I was, was not aware you were there. I don't go out there a lot lately but that will change soon. I am at the end of my treatment and will be able to head out there all the time again- I miss it so much!! Thank you for the compliment on the planters- I really enjoy making them up. It is fun and I love to explore different combos and it gives the customers ideas. Thank you for the beautiful post!! I will link it to our Facebook page - (assuming that is alright with you).

    1. Of course it's alright to share this! I don't think you were there, the staff also seemed quite busy with a large shipment and I was in a bit of a hurry having had a long day already.

  6. Oh, yes...a splash of orange always perks things up.

  7. Great job featuring this wonderful nursery. I love their greenhouses and container plantings. It is a nice drive from SA.

  8. you're making me jealous! that place looks epic! I too love the olive planter.

  9. Shirley, how nice that you stumbled onto this place. I miss having independent nurseries in San Antonio. With the disappearance of Antique Rose Emporium, there is a large void to fill. So nice that an employee saw your blog. I'm sure it makes the owners feel like it's all worth it when they receive compliments.

    I think I passed a small nursery a few weeks ago that I wanted to go back to. I need to find it again and see if it's worthy of a visit from RockOakDeer. If so, I'll let you know. Have you been to Brady's Blooming Buds in Rio Medina ?

    (This comment also serves as a test to see if I still get those error messages.)

    1. Thanks for being my blog tester and the problem should be fixed now.

      I haven't been to Brady's yet and please let me know if there are any I should see.

  10. What a find - but teddy bear cholla - there? The wrapped up cacti is an interesting approach I've never seen before out west, but it looks like it will help the local Danger Garden types on a quick visit, with something ready to roll on short notice?


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