Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Double Rainbow - Rainbow Gardens #1

As part of Support Your Independent Nursery Month hosted by Pam Penick at Digging I'm visiting some of my favorite San Antonio nurseries.  This week brings a visit to Rainbow Gardens  #1 at 2585 Thousand Oaks Drive in north central San Antonio.  We're fortunate to have two Rainbow Gardens locations and last week I wrote about visiting Rainbow Gardens #3 on Bandera Road northwest of the city.  It's interesting to note how different these two are.

Rainbow Gardens #1 has more appealing signage and entrance than Rainbow Gardens #3.

  A geodesic dome houses the checkout and garden shop area

Rainbow Gardens is the San Antonio Express-News "Reader's Choice"  gold winner for 2011.

Several small gardens such as this fountain display area greet customers

Autumn and cool weather annuals under a large oak create a bright welcome at the entrance to the nursery area

A big display of perennials nearby

Talavera Pottery and garden ornaments 

Colorful glazed garden spheres

Love these terracotta spheres

Rainbow Gardens also has a huge selection of glazed and terracotta pottery as well as metal planters.

The main aisle is where most of the huge selection of native and xeric plants are displayed along with water garden plants.  There's a greenhouse for shade plants and tropicals.  On the left lots of trees, shrubs and roses are available.

This beautiful Bonsai display is the domain of Maria who has been a fixture here forever.  She's semi-retired now and works only a few days a week.

Ornamental grasses are straight ahead down the main aisle and were on sale.  The area was almost empty so no photo, but I did load up my wagon with some good buys.

Well, hello there Mr. Fox!

Now crossing to the other side of the garden we find Texas Mountain Laurel Sophora secudiflora 'Silver Peso'  which I've been considering for a full sun area by my fence.  These should be transplanted small unless you excavate the site.

 Large size succulents on display

Giant hesperaloe, an option for along my driveway

Yes, I'm taking you along on a shopping trip.  Back to the front through the metal arch planted with bright zinnias

A closer look at the zinnias, enjoying fall color where we find it here in south Texas

Out front to load up my purchases and explore the garden along the road.  Lindheimer's senna has easily survived the drought and the ocotillo is sprouting along the stems.

Dahlberg daisies are looking good too

Agave and yucca anchor this west facing roadside garden, tough and durable in a harsh environment.

If you're interested in visiting a Rainbow Gardens location and live north of San Antonio, the Thousand Oaks Drive store is more convenient to downtown attractions.  If your plans include Sea World or Fiesta Texas, then the Bandera Road store is easily accessed from FM 1604.  While both locations have great plant selections and service, the Bandera Road location has been updated recently and is a nicer spot for families to explore.

You can also take a look back at my post on Hill Country Gardens in New Braunfels from the first week in this series.


  1. Shirley - This is a wonderful nursery. I use to live down the street from it, which made it convenient, but dangerous since I wanted to go there all the time. When my neighbor and I got bored, we would make a nursery run;)

  2. Nice taste in plants...too bad I can't just live through your and others' purchases, but must participate! But that is what this month is about...

  3. I will be visiting this nursery the next time I drive down from Austin. I'm always glad to see display gardens at a nursery, even small ones. They enliven the place and help inspire you with ideas. Thanks for posting again for Support Your Independent Nursery Month, Shirley.

  4. What fun it is to nursery shop online~ Okay, love the metal arch with the built-in benches and also the pierced spheres- wonder if the spheres rest on an opening so you could set a candle or landscape light inside? More shadows! But my fave part of this post is that you wrote "Well, hello there Mr. Fox!" Too cute.

  5. RW - It's very close and, as reflected in the post, I find it difficult to go there and not shop.

    DD - Thanks, that's quite a compliment from the master of plant lists. Without your post on hesperaloe I might have missed those giants. I'll probably get the 'Silver Peso' while it's still on sale during October.

    Pam - Enjoy your visit to SA. Thanks for your great posts that expand my list of plants too.

  6. Great idea Cyndi. I'll check those spheres to see if they're open next time. Yes, wherever I go foxes catch my attention.

  7. takes me back to fun times in satx.


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