Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's all there in the title photo-the rocks, the oaks, and the deer in my backyard.  Those are just a few of the gardening challenges here on the north side of San Antonio.   Like the game rock-paper-scissors we're never quite sure which will prevail.  We’ve made a lot of progress improving our landscape in the past three years, yet there is still much to do.

There is also much to share.  While researching ideas for our own landscape, I found gardening blogs to be an excellent resource.  Most of the bloggers I follow are in Austin and other cities.  While there are many similarities in plants and gardening styles, San Antonio has a lot to offer too.  That's where this blog comes in.  In addition to sharing progress in my own yard, I will also highlight gardens, gardeners, and garden events in and around this beautiful city of San Antonio.  I'll post interesting things I see along the way as well.

We have a lot of visitors to the yard each week and I'll share those photos too.  This guy recently dropped by to check out the menu.

Good evening, a table next to the roses please!

This first post wouldn't be complete without acknowledging Pam Penick at Digging.  Thank you Pam for your inspiring blog and the enthusiasm with which you support garden bloggers everywhere!  Pam has declared October "Support Your Independent Nursery" month so my first series of posts will focus on local garden centers.


  1. About time you start this blog!

    Looking forward to all you see around SA. We should drum up a fuel fund for your day trips!!
    I think it is mostly perspective which of rock-oak-deer that wins...I think they coexist in balance!

  2. Wow, my very first comment! Thanks DD. It is about the balance but depending on the project any one of those elements can dominate the process.

  3. Yea for you and your blog, Shirley! I am excited to have another San Antone blogger to follow. Like David, I look forward to seeing more of your city's gardening scene. Thanks for the link love too!

  4. Thanks Pam, I couldn't imagine not linking Digging from the very first post.

  5. Just found your blog from a comment on Pam's blog.
    Looking forward to seeing how you handle those challenges.
    I'm in Wimberley. We have the Rock, Oak, Deer challenge, too.
    This year, I'm afraid it's the drought that's winning.
    Blogging is fun....


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