Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Garden Center - Fall in South Texas

During October I posted about some of my favorite San Antonio area nurseries each Wednesday for Support Your Independent Nursery Month hosted by Pam at Digging.  With only four Wednesdays in October and so many good independent nurseries here in San Antonio to choose from I had to leave out quite a few favorites.  Some I'll save for next year, but The Garden Center has great fall displays and activities just right for highlighting now.  The Garden Center is on the northwest side of the city at
10682 Bandera Road, not too far from Rainbow Gardens #3.

Jamie Durie will be here for a book signing in November

These seasonal displays were very cheerful and inviting

Great color on these pots

The Garden Center features beautiful Monrovia displays.  Love the colors in this one

The succulent display has nice large specimens with a reminder that these are deer resistant.

The gift shop was all decked out for fall too


A nice place to visit any time, they have seasonal events all year and I plan to post more about The Garden Center in the future.


  1. I just discovered this place. I need to go back and spend some more time exploring.

  2. I like those pumpkin-colored pots. The Monrovia display looks really nice too.

  3. I think their use of color and overhead structures in sales areas really grabs a person. Plus, that prominent display of succulent and spiky plants there tells me much too... Looks like a nice nursery!

  4. It is a very nice place clearly designed for the higher end of the market with the electronic sign and the top-of-the-line Monrovia set up. Interesting to note that I tend to spend more time and money at Rainbow Gardens just a few blocks away. I haven't seen any demonstration gardens there and that might be a factor.


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