Monday, December 10, 2018

Cathedral Park Meditation Walk: A Calm Walk in the City

I recently enjoyed an evening walk at Cathedral Park just off busy Broadway Street north of downtown San Antonio. Cathedral Park is home to the Episcopal Diocese of West Texas and they welcome the public to enjoy their serene spaces.  In a town with one of the most famous "Walks" in the world, it's nice to also enjoy some of our less famous and quieter walking trails.  The steep walk up from the parking lot gets you started and your reward is this pretty rose arbor to start the trail.

Trinity Fountain gently bubbles to one side.   Details of the walk, including a plant list, are on their website.

Volunteers maintain the planters and much of the other areas of the park.

At the top of the hill a potted "Hollywood Juniper" is very sculptural against the pretty pink chapel wall.  I was here one day when the tiny chapel was open and it's as pretty inside as out.

Benches for pausing are positioned along the way.

Very San Antonio arch and gate at the side of the chapel.

Circular benches for a circular trail around the lawn in front of the chapel.

Baptismal Fount for outdoor ceremonies.

This enormous Live Oak tree is estimated at 200 years old.  The main tree trunk is on the right and you see and branches hug the ground, supported by rocks.

Walking under the old Live Oak the pink chapel comes into view so we're about to go full circle.

Beautiful to just stand under this giant tree.

The balcony is a "sunrise overlook" which appears to be under repair.

After exploring the more formal parts of the garden there are steps leading downhill to wooded areas and natural trails.

Nice detail on this iron railing.

A "Great Lawn" is just around that bend and several neighbors were ending their evening with a quiet walk.

From the parking lot you can also turn right down the hill to follow a natural trail through the woods.

One of several fountains in the park.

Birdbath cut from a limestone rock is going in my idea file.

Our destination was an event at the pavilion.

The treehouse/screened room is a beautiful space for a small gathering of garden-minded folks.

Views from the bridge show masses of purple heart, a favorite and easily grown plant in San Antonio.

Tiled inset on a nearby wall.

The theme continues with butterflies on this cross inside the treehouse pavilion.

The bird feeder arm swings in for filling.

More details in the copper sconces.

Walking back to the parking lot we encounter a rustic bridge.

It's fun to enjoy different relaxing, yet challenging walking trails in our city.

Find more information Cathedral Park website.


  1. You have a beautiful city, Shirley! We're lucky to have a number of walking trails in my area too but none are nearly as scenic.

    1. We are fortunate to have large natural areas set aside by both public and private entities for us to enjoy. Your view is beautiful too.

  2. Oh, I wish I could have been there with you! I imagine San Antonio is wonderful in December--perfect for walking and hiking. It certainly was perfect in March when we were there many years ago. Those tile displays are beautiful...the entire property is amazing!

    1. It's my way of showing a very different and often hidden view of San Antonio.


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