Saturday, December 22, 2018

Decking the Halls!

When it comes to Christmas decorating, I'm very traditional.  I've collected so many ornaments over the years that we alternate tree themes each year.  This is the year for our Fox and Grapes tree.  We began with a few fox ornaments and kept adding until there were enough to fill an entire 12' tree.  The grapes were inspired by the Aesop Fable and a lesson in being content with what you have.

This year it's bring on the bling with a tree bright with gold ribbons.

Collecting fox ornaments has been much easier recently as foxes have become more popular.  I'll share a few of my favorite and newly added fox ornaments.  This year's addition is a MacKenzie-Childs fox dressed for a masquerade ball.

There's a second MacKenzie-Childs fox from two years ago.

Radko is a good source for fox ornaments.  This one is a new ebay find.

I found a cute fox bearing gifts at Hobby Lobby.

A faux magnolia wreath was a fun thrift shop find still in its original Restoration Hardware box.  The wall color is "Dried Chili Pepper" but it also works great as a Christmas backdrop.  We use all faux greenery because real greenery is hard to find and doesn't last long in our climate anyway.

New this year are two trees in the dining room bay window to hold even more ornaments.  The chandelier is perfect for holding a wreath with ornaments which belonged to my grandmother hanging from ribbons. 

Almost ready for holiday dinner.  I'll be heading over to Houston tomorrow to see my sister and cousins and then back on Christmas Eve to celebrate at home.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Very pretty, Shirley! Hope you and the Second Gardener have a wonderful holiday!

    1. Thank you and the same to you and yours! We need to get back in touch soon.

  2. What a huge tree! I like your themed approach. I've collected ornaments for years too - my husband and I even made a lot of them using beads and sequins in the years before he turned into a humbug - but mine is an eclectic collection to say the least. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Bay windows lend themselves to Christmas trees - we have one in ours ;~)

  4. Your tree and other decorations are gorgeous! A very merry Christmas to you!


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