Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let's Go To.....

"Haven't been there in years.  We're going right by we should stop."

"Folks from all over the world visit and it's not so far off the highway...."

"Yes, let's...............go to Luckenbach, Texas."

And so we stopped in Luckenbach on our way home from Wildseed Farms.  Took a look inside the General Store.

Luckenbach was not crowded on that beautiful Wednesday afternoon in early October but there was still a steady stream of visitors passing through.

Taking photos of the bust of Hondo Crouch

Hondo's Bar is around back

Cash only, the ATM wears an amusing disguise.  Those are some massive oak trees.

The outdoor bar by the creek serves during events.

And a very tall biker dude was taking pictures of tourists.

So here we are--tourists just an hour from home!

L-R:  Me, Cindy, Jeannette, Melody.  This is my kind of garden club!

Thank you biker dude for the fun photo!

We're off on more gardening adventures.   Where will we turn up next?


  1. That's such a fun looking detour Shirley!

  2. Looks like a fun destination. I'll put it on my Texas "to-do" list. ;-)

  3. Fun memories Shirley! Now I can check off Luckenbach from my Texas Bucket List!

  4. Luckenbach ought to be a stop on every trip to Wildseed Farms. Can't get much more "native" than that.

  5. Looks like a fun little detour. I will have to add it to my places to take a drive to, thank you!

  6. Looks like fun....I love this special spots that have great atmosphere and history.

  7. Thank you all! We had fun and look forward to sharing more gardening adventures.

  8. Nice trip, and thank goodness for a biker dude! (he must be tall, as the angle he took your group photo looks almost like an aerial shot) I only drove by that famous place once, and it was surprising how remote and small it was. I expected a store front with a rusted metal roof on a main drag in a small town! I was right on the roof.

    And that live oak out front...

    1. It's not too far from Sisterdale so it would be pretty easy to see next time you visit. It's small for sure.

  9. Looks like a great time with your friends. Such an interesting General Store. JC


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