Monday, January 28, 2013

Yeya's and more new plants for the new year

One of my favorite places for garden things is Yeya's Antiques and Oddities just east of downtown San Antonio.  I first wrote about Yeya's a year ago and I have been back there many times since.  It's about time for an update.

This area is known as "the yard".  Mario brings in lots of cool stuff on a daily basis.  The vintage garden chairs near the entrance sign (above) were being unloaded by one of his pickers just as I arrived.
Inside the yard old iron railings line the aisles and along the walls on each side of the yard.

So much to take in on each trip.

    That's an Airstream trailer in excellent condition in the back left corner.

A rather elegant way to say "We're Closed".

Is there a more iconic birdbath than one with a seahorse base?  This one needs a little work, but has so many possibilities.

Inside the shop another customer has arranged her treasures out on the floor.  Everyone picks a spot to hold their special finds.

I love anything faux bois including this concrete birdbath.

There's another surprising aspect to Yeya's.  During my visits over the past year, I learned  that Mario sells and trades plants from his collection right along with all the great salvage pieces he has in the shop.

Plants like this Bunny Ears Cactus or Opuntia microdasys 'Alba' from which I received a few starts.  I promised to bring a few Cinnamon Bunny Ears cactus pads next time I stop in.  This is the third color of this cactus I have and that might be all of them.  Looks soft and fuzzy but, don't be fooled, it's a prickly one.


Firestick plant, probably Euphorbia tirucalli.  Talk about dangerous gardening, the sap from this plant is toxic.  I already have a green pencil cactus and know not to rub my eyes after handling this plant.

A small hardy columnar cactus which might be Cereus repandus but will need to wait until it blooms for positive ID.

This bright succulent has stayed outside at Yeya's through several light freezes and will make a colorful addition to my deck planters.

That's not all. During this visit I bought a special item which will have its own post tomorrow.


  1. I really need to go there. Looks like my kind of stuff.
    I have what I think are Bunny Ears Opuntia....but, they're all much smaller. Maybe they need a new spot.
    And, yes....they bite!

    1. That's an especially nice Bunny Ears, mine are also a bit smaller.

      Yeya's is easy to find, it's just off 281 east of downtown.

  2. I fondly(that means with a great deal of envy) remember your first visit to Yeya's! What a marvelous place! Can't wait to see your special item tomorrow.

    1. Every town should have a place like this. San Antonio seems to have a lot of old buildings and houses full of cool stuff to recycle.

    2. Yeyas Antiques & OdditiesJanuary 30, 2013 at 7:36 AM

      We recieved a great shipment of Succulents in that are Wonderful! With a more coming in on Thursday. Can't wait to show you! Always a pleasure having you visit!

    3. Thanks Mario, I'll try to drop by soon>