Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scene on the street: Gardens of Southtown

While in the Southtown area of San Antonio for a stop on the Herb Society Garden Tour last week, we took a little time to walk the block to check out neighboring houses and front gardens.  Southtown is a neighborhood of artists studios, local restaurants, and contemporary shops which are revitalizing the area.  It's very close to the popular King William Historic District and is a less expensive option for those who choose to live in town or establish a new business.

Next door on the west side of the "Urban Chic" house shown on tour is this charming cottage with a beautiful coral vine blooming along the fence and a contemporary kinetic sculpture in the yard.


On the other side is a newer house with a xeric garden and a view of the Tower of the Americas.

Closeups of the front garden.  The live oak will eventually overshadow the other plants.

Directly across the street, this older duplex is being renovated.  A large pecan tree protected by a fence drapes over the roof and is newly painted bright blue, which suits the neighborhood as a traditional color.

Next to the bright blue house is another restored cottage and traditional garden with a fence along the sidewalk, flowers, potted plants, and a large concrete patio.

A few doors down this renovated house on the corner has a garden of fountain grass and groundcover.  Fountain grass is an annual in colder climates, our mild winters often allow most tender perennial plants to survive.

All this on just one block in Southtown.  It was nice to see this landscape revitalization along with the house renovations going on in this area so close to downtown.

To see the gardens on the San Antonio Herb Society Garden Tour start here.


  1. Wandering a random block, camera in hand, is one of my favorite pastimes...even vicariously.

    1. I enjoy it too and will try to do more of it in the future. This was certainly a nice block to start with.

  2. I really like the restored, yet relaxed feel to most of what you show - especially that the landscape is not unadapted or an afterthought. This home is, again, a relaxed solution for the average person. The Queen's Wreath doesn't hurt. And what I also think is interesting, is that what you've shown has a more arid or SW look to it.

  3. Looks like there's lots to see in Southtown. I love eclectic neighborhoods like that. An HOA-run 'hood can never compare.

    And hey, thanks for displaying my badge in your sidebar. I'm honored, Shirley!

  4. I have really enjoyed your tour Shirley - thanks for sharing! I am in love with driving in those areas too....I always find inspiration.


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