Sunday, November 20, 2011

La Gloria and Josephine St.

Last week I posted about taking a walk along The Museum Reach of the River Walk.   Here are a few more sights to see before heading back to the car.

La Gloria restaurant, colorful and inviting

enjoy the patio overlooking the river turning basin

La Gloria's mural along Josephine St.

with this great fence detail

and a pause to enjoy this streetside bed.  This Gulf Muhly is so inspiring I'm not giving up on mine yet.

There are also some unique shops to explore.  Just small view of all there is to see here in San Antonio.


  1. Oh, that Gulf Muhly...sigh.

    I really enjoyed both this and your last post about the River Walk. I need to visit SA soon!

  2. Hi Tina - I'm so glad you saw this! I was definitely thinking of your recent Gulf muhly post here.

  3. Niccce. Love the tin. I'm building a new garden room with rusty tin. Good inspiration.

  4. I've enjoyed both of your River Walk posts and have fond memories of a trip to San Antonia with a friend in the early 90's. We only saw the touristy part with the bars and shops but it was gorgeous! It's interesting that you mentioned the "no railing" part of the design. I thought that was so odd at the time. Beautiful and I loved it, but risky.

  5. Greggo - Rusty tin is a great choice for the garden room, I look forward to seeing your finished pics.

    Loree - Thanks, I'm having fun sharing my favorite places. Folks do fall into the river, especially during the crowed holidays, but it is very shallow so injuries are rare.


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