Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Wildlife Wednesday February 2020: Another Squirrel's Tale

Our resident Squirrel is at it again!  Nest building season.

The deck is littered with her clippings.  

Even the chairs have to be brushed off before we can sit.

Her success rate is low.  Chewed sprouts are promptly dropped to the ground or deck below and she makes no effort to retrieve the lost clippings.  At this rate I wonder how she will ever complete her nest.

Time out to check the watering can.  We keep bowls of water for wildlife throughout the garden so no need to dip into the can.

And then back to clipping oak sprouts. 

The view from the golf course includes multiple birds and turtles.  Egrets, Cormorants, whistling ducks, Egyptian Geese?  Egyptian Geese are "introduced" in North America.  Primarily found in Florida, Texas, and California.  More study is needed here.

Whitetail deer mating season is finished and this big guy is on his own as new fawns will arrive soon.  He will naturally shed his antlers soon.

He has been injured in the flank.  Possibly in a fight with another buck.  Looks like it's not deep and will heal.

Joining Tina at "My Gardener Says..." for Wildlife Wednesday on the first Wednesday of each month.


  1. I always enjoy your wildlife posts, Shirley. The squirrel story made me laugh. Here, the crows do something very similar during nesting season, discarding as many stems as they accept during the nest building process. Their favorite material from my garden is the peppermint willow (Agonis flexuosa). One year I took all the scraps I found and put them in a hanging basket, thinking they might use those instead of picking new stems. Needless to say, it didn't work. This year, as all my willows got a good trim yesterday, they may find themselves very frustrated.

  2. Great set of shots, Shirley. She's quite determined, but I guess if she's in the family-way, she has to be. Your buck is a handsome one--hope he heals. Thanks for joining in!

  3. Great photos of your neighborly squirrel. We have a couple squirrels in our backyard trees. They are certainly fun to watch.
    New Braunfels Landscaping

  4. That squirrel looks busy! Geese are interesting garden neighbors... Do they try to eat any of your plants?

  5. Great captures of the buck! The squirrels are so entertaining to watch, aren't they? My cat sits at the windowsill and watches them. The chipmunks are fun to watch, too.

  6. What a wonderful posting with some of the best pictures of nature


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