Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wildlife Wednesday October 2019

Hummingbirds were the stars of our October garden keeping me busy refilling the feeder.  They also keep us entertained with their fights so they are first up for Wildlife Wednesday.  Hummingbirds are sweet, delicate little birds but there's always one bully that won't let the others feed.

Their fights look almost like dancing.

Best seen on video, these two chased and fought for hours one day.

A hummingbird in the screen room kept trying to get out through the screen and would have none my efforts to gently coax it toward the door.  Then I had the idea to put the feeder on a chair near the door and go inside the house.  That must have done the trick because the bird was gone when I returned about twenty minutes later.

A Stapelia flower briefly brought out the flies.

Gulf Fritillary butterfly on a Pride of Barbados flower. 

Sulphur butterfly on Zexmenia.  Not enough info to decide which one.

An adorably curious Black-crested Titmouse looking at us through the kitchen window while sitting in the fig tree.  Its limited range fortunately includes South Central Texas. 

Deer antlers are rarely symmetrical.  Sometimes each side is fairly close to even.

An then there's this lopsided guy.

Just a few bumps instead of points. 

And a little velvet left to rub off.

Not in my back garden where they are fenced out.  We do get some damage in the front but no practical way to fence that off.

Bucks tend to stay in the brush where their antlers are not as prominent.  How they know this is anyone's guess.

 That's the wildlife I captured in my yard for the last few weeks.

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  1. Your hummingbirds do look like they're dancing! Mine are much more obviously fighting and chasing. Your plan to move the trapped hummer to the door was brilliant.

  2. These were all such great shots, Shirley. I love the hummingbirds on either side of the feeder--like feathery bookends. And that titmouse! They have to be just about the cutest things ever.

  3. That titmouse is adorable. I love to watch the hummingbirds, too. Unfortunately, they'll soon be leaving us for the season. I miss them all winter.


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