Monday, April 2, 2018

On the Door for Easter Monday!

Another installment of "On the Door" as I bring back the basket planter for another season.  Fernleaf Lavender and Shasta Daisies with succulents make a nice combination.

There's not enough light here for these to keep blooming so I'll move them to the garden and find some brighter colors for our upcoming Fiesta season.  It's so much fun having this rotating selection of flowers on the door.

Sunday afternoon I headed into the garden with shears to cut a few roses for the dinner table.  Henry Deulberg salvias, purple verbena and rosemary also made it into the mix.

Back in the kitchen a plain vase awaited but I decided to use this Fox water pitcher instead.  Perched on a milk glass cake stand from my husband's family (no one remembers exactly where it came from) and surrounded by cascarones it worked beautifully on the table.

Most of my flowers are native wildflowers which work best outside and since I'm often in the garden I don't bring a lot of cut flowers inside.  This has been a good year for roses with enough rain and I remembered to fertilize in late winter.  The pink roses are 'Belinda's Dream' bred in Texas to resist all that nature can throw at it and I think they succeeded beautifully.  Grandma's Yellow is also a Texas rose with quite a story.  It was tested right here in San Antonio at Dr. Larry Stein's grandmother's garden.

Grandma's Yellow has a lot of thorns so I solved that by combining with a spineless cactus!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  It's going to be a good week in the garden here in South Texas!


  1. Both holiday decorations are wonderful but the one including the fox pitcher is absolutely perfect. You should link to "In a Vase on Monday"!

    1. Thank you Kris, I enjoy seeing your contributions to In a Vase on Monday but this may be a once in a long time event.

  2. Very nice arrangements! It's fun to see your creative ideas for the door displays!

  3. Thank you Beth, your current post on Charleston window boxes is quite inspirational for future arrangements.


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