Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wildlife Wednesday April 2016

Wildlife Wednesday sponsored by Tina at "My Gardener Says...." provides an opportunity to review wildlife garden visitors from the past few weeks.  The first Wednesday of each month reminds me it's time to survey photos for wildlife to share on today's Wildlife Wednesday post.

Blooming Damianita attracts more than admiring comments from human visitors.  A Common Buckeye butterfly has been enjoying nectar.

When closed they are nearly invisible except when Damianita's bright yellow is the background.

Mexican Bird of Paradise also has its share of visitors like this solitary bee.

A bee photobombing my iris photo

Another bee insists on posing in the yellow Opuntia 'Santa Rita' flowers.

Buttlerflies this month include Giant Swallowtail on Gomprena 'Fireworks' which attracts a surprising number of butterflies considering it's not a native plant.

 Black Swallowtail on Larkspur

Just love the combination of colors.

An Anole has claimed the Agave ovatifolia.

A Mockingbird serenaded me as I parked my car near the Warrior Family Support Center where I volunteer each week.

Usually they will turn to ham it up for the camera but this one was playing shy.

Guess she likes the new swing as much as we do.

Take a picture next time!

Come back and bring the whole family!

We haven't seen fawns yet but they should begin arriving soon.

Not that we need more deer.  The herd is getting quite large again.

For more on wildlife from blogger's gardens head on over to "My Gardener Says..." and check out the comments section for links.


  1. Except for your deer, we have much in common in our gardens. You have some really great shots of butterflies. I just haven't quite had the right timing, I guess. Love the Mockingbird perched so high--they really want everyone to know they're there, don't they? Thanks for participating this month--so fun!

  2. Oh my, yes that's quite a herd of deer. So many butterflies, too! We've had a few Mourning Cloaks fly through, but it's going to need to warm up before we'll see any Swallowtails. Happy Wildlife Wednesday, Shirley!

  3. What a great little butterfly "movie!" We have loads of hummingbirds here, but few butterflies. And when they do show up, they're just about impossible to photograph. Well done!

  4. There is a zoo near your garden Shirley! It's good that you have a fence protecting your plants off deer. They're lovely but on other side of fence :) I've never seen Mockingbird and read about it in the book.
    Have a nice day!

  5. Lovely post Shirley, your Butterflies are very exotic and beautiful. The plant in your first photo looks much like a plant we call Ragwort here, I wonder if its related. I love seeing your Deer, they look so graceful and elegant, I hope you get to see the fawns too.

  6. How nice to see deer - on the other side of your fence. All your photos are great but the anole on the agave was just perfect.

  7. Your swallowtails are gorgeous, especially the giant ones! I haven't noticed any swallowtail caterpillars on my dill and parsley yet, but hoping I see them soon!

  8. Wow that is a lot of deer on the other side of that fence...thankfully. Glad to see will be a while before they arrive here.


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