Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Enjoying Fall Foliage of Kumamoto En

Attending an event last week at San Antonio Botanical Garden, I spotted bright foliage peeking over the bamboo fencing of Kumamoto En, the Japanese Garden.  Would it be possible I had arrived at that brief moment when Japanese Maple foliage peaks in San Antonio?

Quickly making my way to the garden, I enjoyed bright foliage on an equally bright day.

Japanese Maples are challenging to grow in San Antonio, I know because I've tried a few times.  Best left to the experts at our botanical garden.

Taking a moment to enjoy the teahouse view.  Kumamoto En is a gift from our sister city Kumamoto, located in southern Japan.  The word "En" means connection or ties in Japanese.

Patterned after a garden in Kumamoto and built by Japanese artisans from Kumamoto, Kyoto, and Tokyo it's a special gift to our city.

Kumamoto City sends artisans to repair and maintain the fencing when needed.

It's a beautiful spot to linger any time of year.

Last week it was hard to leave.

Compared with regions like New England or the Rockies, we have limited opportunities to view fall foliage so viewing a treasure like Kumamoto En at its peak was a special treat.   I'm linking to Foliage Follow-up hosted by Pam at Digging where you can check out more posts on foliage in the garden.


  1. Lovely! Like you, I'll leave the Japanese maples to the experts or the very lucky sites!

  2. Timing is everything but due to your generosity now we can all relax and enjoy the maples at their peak. I always wanted a Japanese maple here in Central Texas (we had one when we lived in Northern California) but never dared risk it. Enjoying these photos is a lot less trouble, for me AND the trees. Thank you!

  3. You did time that visit right, didn't you??!!! Awesome!!!

  4. Great timing, Shirley! My Japanese maple was a dud this year, and normally it has beautiful color in December. I wonder what was different for my tree, when these looked so great.


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