Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday September 2015: Barred Owl update and other antics

It's the first Wednesday of September and I'm joining Tina at My Gardener Says... for a look at the wildlife in my yard.  Last month for Wildlife Wednesday I featured our frequent guest the Barred Owl which was surprisingly active in the daytime.

We've seen him a few more times.

He continued to visit for a few more days and then seemed to disappear until this afternoon when we saw him flying across the road several blocks away.  In looking through my photos I've decided he needed his own post so stay tuned.

I have a new finch feeder which has been discovered by actual finches.  Color coordinated accessorizing is always best.

But first it was discovered by Cardinals

A sparrow

and the Black Crested Titmouse

After ignoring the swinging birdbath for years, birds are now enjoying it along with the new feeder nearby.

There's always a bully hummingbird waiting to chase other hummers away from the feeder.

With two feeders now the hummers are more likely to get nectar.

They seem to prefer a super cheap plastic model over the more expensive glass number.

In other bird news a Black Crested Titmouse thinks he's a hummingbird.  They are so numerous I never thought to look them up.  It turns out this Central Texas native is not as common anywhere else.  They are cute as buttons and I enjoy their antics.

Birds aren't the only ones to enjoy the hummer food.  Much to this anole's delight the feeder sometimes leaks onto the rail below.

We've tried to explain the risks of waiting for bugs at the birdbath but the anoles just won't listen.  Can you spell FOODCHAIN?

I discovered an anole desperately climbing up and sliding back down the wheelbarrow sides.  So that's what all the commotion was about!  A lifeline in form of old tongs I use for dealing with cactus  was tossed in.

At first he clung tightly to the tongs

Then jumped over to the house.

Gone in a flash!

Another rescue yesterday.  A nearly transparent Mediterranean House Gecko sliding around the sides of a plastic bucket.

Tilted out onto the grass he paused for a "thank you" smile

Then scrambled...

across the mulch to nearby rocks and vanished.

Deer are still not happy about being fenced out.

Sorry girl, you and your friends are just too destructive.

That's the roundup of wildlife in my garden for August.  Check out the posts linked at My Gardener Says... for more garden wildlife.


  1. Another winner by Shirley! Great post! That gecko should get together with my grasshopper as they both seem to be congenial chaps. I've seen anoles lick water like yours is, but it's great that you got it on film. Hummingbirds are always so fun to watch. I bought a feeder this year; it's been years since I put one up. They come to many of my plants, but it's special to see them close up at the patio. Thanks so much for participating--your posts are always a lot of fun.

  2. I enjoyed the anole and hummingbird motion videos! I miss the anoles from trips south. I get such a kick out of the juvenile hummingbirds and the ones that perch strategically to protect their territory--though they can be so tough with each other! Great post, as always!

  3. A smiling gecko?! Whatever next! What a fab post - and a wonderful idea for a meme. Learning about the wildlife in other gardens around the world is so interesting. I will diary this 1st Weds meme and ask if I might join next month.

  4. Great post and love your humor! Thanks for putting it together.

  5. Thanks for a wonderful wildlife post Shirley! Your photographs are awesome and the stop-action one of the anole is my favorite! I never knew before that lizards would drink the hummingbirds sugar water but your little guy looks like he's really enjoying it. And thanks for telling us about the black-crested titmouse being a Texas native. I thought they were common everywhere because they are so plentiful around here. Hope the owl sticks around longer too, he's (she's?) beautiflul!

  6. Shirley you are a wildlife documentary filmmaker ne plus ultra! The photos are amazing (as always) but those animated short clips are simply wonderful. I've been alerting friends with grandchildren to check your posts out to see these short delights. I have a hard time commenting because I keep sliding back up the page to see that!

    Looking forward to seeing Mr. Barn Owl in his own feature.

  7. Oh this was so much fun to read and look at. Who needs TV when there is so much delightful entertainment? Totally agree with TexasDeb about your short films. I just love them.

  8. Love your post Shirley, especially your animated footage, just brilliant! And your last photo of the deer looking so longingly through your fence really made me smile.

  9. Wonderful photos as usual, Shirley! Your post read like a suspense novel. I was delighted to see the anole lapping up the nectar, then distressed to see him stuck in the wheelbarrow but glad to find he climbed to safety with timely help from a benefactor. And the gecko's expression was priceless.

  10. Love this! We name our bully hummingbirds "Nasty"...

  11. Incredible photos! And love the videos!!!!

  12. Just amazing shots especially the anole having a little dessert. Who'd have thought. I always marvel at the films we see of hundreds of hummingbirds at feeder. None but one can come to ours or yours. I'm afraid we came home from our trip to find 2 anoles in our bath and no way to get out. Do I really have to leave a ladder there for them. It is in our bathroom after all.

  13. I love this post! Gardens are more fun with wildlife. I felt like I was reading a non-fiction picture book about wildlife. :o)

  14. No wonder you get such good shots of the wildlife after your rescue missions they must know they are safe with you.


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