Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween from San Antonio Botanical Garden

The San Antonio Botanical Garden is all decked out for fall festivities and Halloween!

We recently enjoyed the gardens during an evening event sponsored by San Antonio Water System to thank Partners in Conservation who help with public outreach and education on water conservation issues. 

 A giant spider and web are so appropriate for the season.  

Another giant spider in the nearby culinary gardens part of "David Rogers' Big Bugs" on display until December 8th.

"Wow Garden" at the entrance is in full bloom.  A recent 20+million renovation created a functional and beautiful new entrance area to better meets the needs of visitors.  The old entrance was small and confusing with no place for groups to assemble.

"Wow" is right, the garden is stunning and features plants in bloom despite the summer's heat and drought.  I love how this sculpture picks up lines of the glass conservatory in the background.

Fluffy "Scott's Turf'" sedge softens stone edges.

Fun spot for nesting pumpkins.

I could see this being used for several seasons.  Ornaments and Easter eggs come to mind.

Recycled curbing from the old parking lot. 

More pretty views near new office/classroom buildings.

We were treated to a cooking demonstration of Wilted Kale salad with citrus vinaigrette in the outdoor kitchen.

Family photo opportunity!

The new Adventure Garden for children.

Following the new trail gently up to the highest point in the city.  Much improved from the old steeply graded walkway.


Walking to the top we encountered the beginning of Scarecrow Trail, an annual event featuring the work of community groups like the Epilepsy Foundation.

The trail goes on through the gardens but we were here to enjoy the sunset from the high point of the city.

Even provided Halloween colors.


Enjoy your Halloween!


Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Wildlife Wednesday October 2019

Hummingbirds were the stars of our October garden keeping me busy refilling the feeder.  They also keep us entertained with their fights so they are first up for Wildlife Wednesday.  Hummingbirds are sweet, delicate little birds but there's always one bully that won't let the others feed.

Their fights look almost like dancing.

Best seen on video, these two chased and fought for hours one day.

A hummingbird in the screen room kept trying to get out through the screen and would have none my efforts to gently coax it toward the door.  Then I had the idea to put the feeder on a chair near the door and go inside the house.  That must have done the trick because the bird was gone when I returned about twenty minutes later.

A Stapelia flower briefly brought out the flies.

Gulf Fritillary butterfly on a Pride of Barbados flower. 

Sulphur butterfly on Zexmenia.  Not enough info to decide which one.

An adorably curious Black-crested Titmouse looking at us through the kitchen window while sitting in the fig tree.  Its limited range fortunately includes South Central Texas. 

Deer antlers are rarely symmetrical.  Sometimes each side is fairly close to even.

An then there's this lopsided guy.

Just a few bumps instead of points. 

And a little velvet left to rub off.

Not in my back garden where they are fenced out.  We do get some damage in the front but no practical way to fence that off.

Bucks tend to stay in the brush where their antlers are not as prominent.  How they know this is anyone's guess.

 That's the wildlife I captured in my yard for the last few weeks.

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