Saturday, July 4, 2015

The garden celebrates in Red, White and Blue

It's the Fourth of July and time to display the colors and celebrate the Red, White, and Blue from my garden this week.

Kicking off the festivities with a first-time bloomer and current favorite plant Heartleaf Rosemallow (Hibiscus martianus).  I purchased this native hibiscus from Medina Garden Nursery about 18 months ago and the deer loved to eat the buds (but not the plant) so it never bloomed until we fenced the deer out.

Mr. Moy rose, a gift from my friend Melody and tribute to a great plantsman who developed so many wonderful plants for our climate.  If you are not familiar with Mr. Moy's amazing story click the link to learn more.

Aniscanthus Wrightii or Flame Acanthus attracts hummingbirds and blooms continuously throughout the hottest, driest summer.

Bat-faced cuphea is a charmer with its little bat faces.

Hopi Red Amaranth another deer favorite that gets to full bloom now that we have a fence.

White Plumbago which works so well in the front garden.  Visitors often mention the white and silver combination is calming.

Keeping on theme the front garden beds are lined with white caladiums this summer.  Love how this turned out and already plan to repeat this next year.

Reliable year-round sun lover is Blackfoot Daisy (Melapodium leucanthum) which has been struggling a bit with all our rain.

Blooms on the Lemonquat.  Lemonquat?  Yes, a special citrus tree developed for our long dry summers punctuated with the occasional winter deep freeze.  The fruit is a good lemon substitute.

Phalaeonopsis orchid on its second rebloom.  A rescue plant originally dyed pink stuck on the clearance rack at Lowe's in a planter with no drainage.  The indignity of it all is forgotten now. 

Duranta 'Sapphire Showers' showing off big time this year.

A Texas Bluebonnet bravely blooming into summer

The growing collection of blue bottles in the garden!

We'll enjoy fireworks courtesy of a nearby church from our back deck again this year.

Have fun!


  1. Happy Independence Day! I have red and white covered (and Crocosmia 'Lucifer' even looks like fireworks) but I have to fall back on blue bottles to fill out the celebratory collection, unlike you.

    1. Happy Independence Day to you! Love the Crocosmia which didn't grow well on the first try. I've been convinced to try again. Most of my blues are regrouping at the moment but will come on strong again in a few weeks.

  2. I always wondered if those dyed orchids would survive - it's nice to see that they can. You've a lovely collection of red, white and blue. Happy 4th, Shirley!

    1. They do just fine with the same care as other orchids and grow back with the white flowers typical of their species.

  3. All three colours well represented! Happy 4th of July!

  4. What a beautiful post of just flowers! (except for the blue bottles!) Seeing the Heartleaf Rosemallow makes me remember why I want one! So pretty!

  5. Hope you had a wonderful 4th Shirley...a beautiful red, white and blue display in your garden!

  6. I passed on the caladiums this year and now I'm kicking myself because just LOOK at how gorgeous yours are. I deeply enjoy the whites especially, and yours are perfection. Maybe I can find some on sale this late in the season. You are always inspiring me to try something new or to do something a little differently. Happy fourth and thanks for all the ongoing inspiration!

  7. I added caladiums to the garden this year, too, and I love them. It had been years since I'd grown them but they were just what I needed. That cuphea is really cute. I don't think I've ever seen it here. I love that you rescued that orchid. :o)

  8. Wow! Beautiful representation of our colors! I hope your fourth was great. Thanks to the link to the stories about Mr. Moy! What an incredible, sometimes excruciating life and awesome contributions to horticulture. His freedom and that of us all are, in themselves, a reason to celebrate the day!


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