Sunday, June 7, 2015

Now that's better! Changing out the stock tank garden

Remember that mesmerizing spring display of Mexican Feather Grass from a few weeks ago?

By early June the grasses in the stock tank garden were a matted, unsightly mess.

Spring rains and good soil grew them into the biggest specimens I've seen.  But those same rains and "too good" soil led to an early demise plus they were smothering the rest of the plants anyway.  Not a good look.

Mexican Feather Grass (Nasella tenuissima) can usually be rejuvenated by grooming out the brown strands allowing the green to sprout again.  I gave it a try to no avail since all the plants were toasty brown through and through.  It was time to yank them all out and start over.

Much better already without the dead grasses

I could have left it like this for the summer but Mexican Feather Grass reseeds freely and I needed to thin them out from the front garden.  With a ready supply of new plants why not just put a few back to fill in the spaces.

The grasses won't grow nearly as fast the rest of the summer.

There, now that's so much better!  


  1. Much better indeed, and will fill in much neater for the rest of the season :)

  2. Those jobs - the ones that service neatly contained areas and have clear boundaries in every sense of the word - the ones that can be started and finished in one day - I think they are the best. Such a sense of satisfaction and immediate results to enjoy! Plus the ability to replant seedlings from an area where they aren't wanted to one where they are... This is just about everything enjoyable about gardening wrapped up in one. Much better indeed!

  3. Shirley, that's what I was dealing with Saturday helping with the GVST butterfly garden planting. The homeowners had really thick Mexican feather grass that needed thining and was taking over! I kept thinking about all the little ones that will be coming up soon and hope they get them out, otherwise all of our work will be covered up!

  4. Those feathergrass don't like our rain, do they? Your re-do looks good and will be perfect for summer. It's nice to use seedlings that your established plants gifted--that's the best gardening deal. I'm also pulling some of the overwatered feathergrass out. I use the dried grass in the smoker for the bee hives.

  5. I'm starting to learn more of how your area with swings from wet to dry must consider what to plant, and soils. Overly fertile soils, over watering (or record rains) really can hurt some plants. Your replanting is actually a good response, and it came out well.

  6. I love how soft feather grass is but I avoid planting it because of all the seedlings. But it does look great with that verbena. :o)


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