Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yeya's Antiques and Oddities

Are you a garden junk junkie?  I sure am.  And I fed my habit today at Yeya’s here in San Antonio.  Mario, the proprietor, runs a first class "antiques and oddities" establishment that has a wide assortment of fun stuff for your garden or home.

Visualize a piece of rusty machinery as a planter?  See an old workbench as a potting bench or old security doors as a trellis in your garden?  Yeya's is the place.

Do you find art in rusty old stuff?  Do you like sorting through bins and boxes of whatchamacallits?  I found that Yeya’s has what you're looking for, and hunting for it is part of the fun.  Prices are negotiable, and the more you buy the better the deal. 

I could get lost in here for hours

And then there's outside

So much to see at every turn...bring your imagination

Cool stuff like this old wagon

Some collectables are ready to use as they are..,

Wonder what these were?

There's more around back so keep going.  These glass pieces are fun, but look at that metal drawer!

Vintage license plates in a nice old tool box and a wood piloncillo mold (one came home with me today...several left for a lucky visitor)

These "cars" from an old carnival ride...

Will look like this after Mario's associate Julio finished with them.

 Amazing job on those Julio!

Julio also showed off a basket of gauges for sale

A shelf of industrial lights and assorted vintage items.

 Recycling for real -- good stuff

Mario at work -- always ready to help.

Mario and Julio are very helpful and knowledgeable.   Mario said he'd have stuff more organized except his customers like things just the way they are.  I agree, it's much more fun this way.

Yeya's was quite busy for a Tuesday and be advised that stuff sells fast here if you see anything you like.  Yeya's is on Facebook so you can keep up with what's new (or what's old, actually).

Yeya's is at 1423 E. Commerce just east of downtown San Antonio next to the fire station.

Hours are Tues-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat-Sun 10am-3pm


  1. Let's see what could I do with a fabulous old shiny metal carnival car?...Love it!

  2. It's a fun place and they get great new stuff all the time.

  3. This looks like my kind of place. Just might have to check it out.
    What were those space capsule-looking things? Did you find out?

    1. I didn't ask about those specifically, but they recently purchased a lot of old carnival items so I think they were parts from that. Much of the carnival stuff sold right away so I need to get there faster next time!

  4. How neat! I've never heard of yeya's, but I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Shirley, Ragna just told me about this place, and reminded me of your blog. I am now a Follower, and have subscribed, too ! Yeya's is JUST my type of place! I see things that I need. Yes, really need ! Tell me what route you use to get there, please. I really don't like driving downtown, so would appreciate any hints about the easiest way to go ! Oh, I can't wait ! Are they very expensive ? Some of those places are not affordable, despite the look of a junkyard. Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. Hi Patty, one of the generous "gardening friends" I often reference here surfaces!:-) I'll send you an email, it's easy to find but since you are south and I am north the exit might be different. It's not too far from the Alamodome.

  6. Funny, but your post reminded me to find out which discarded items a project owner likes for a final design. Mine are from building Hoover Dam, though some could weigh in at >1/2 ton!

    Those are some great finds for someone. That store could really bring in the hipsters by sprucing up some, and planting some succulents in some of those various vessels. I like the lines of their building, too.

    1. Stuff from Hoover Dam!?! Oh I remember your post on that client. Great stuff, you might need help to move it around though.

      It is such a good building with the imprint of the old tire shop sign. As far as "hipsters", they have a number of regular customers from Austin if that qualifies. To me half the fun is in the hunt.

    2. Glad they also have the equipment to move it! Those Austin hipsters... Just got this from a former SA native last night, in case you don't have it...the online newsletter from your local chapter of the Native Plant Society of TX - www.tinyurl.com/BexarRoots-Jan-2012

    3. Thanks for sending the NPS newsletter, they have some valuable programs listed. The meetup format is an appealing idea since I could certainly use more native plant knowledge.

  7. Looks like fun!!! I am a garden junkie and have to be careful purchasing this stuff because I can go overboard:)

    1. I did have to be selective or I would have loaded down the car. Worth a stop if you're in SA.