Sunday, April 15, 2018

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day April 2018

It's been a challenge to blog lately with near perfect gardening weather awaiting me.  We have a short planting window in spring to ensure plants are established before the summer heat sets in.   It's especially important this year since I've been moving a lot of plants to expanded areas of the garden.  While my blogger friends farther north are digging out from their second snow storm in as many days I'm joining Carol at May Dreams Gardens for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day and sharing blooms from April in my San Antonio garden.

Native Lace Cactus and Damianita make a nice bright combination.  This pretty cactus used to grow among the rocks in vacant areas around our neighborhood and I miss seeing it in the wild.

In the back garden Belinda's Dream and Mr. Moy roses are getting along well.

Belinda's Dream produced a dozen pink blooms at once.  Beautiful!  She's a good cutting rose and they last quite a while in a vase.

Grandma's Yellow is still blooming too.

John Fanick Phlox was discovered blooming in an old San Antonio neighborhood and is named for a local nurseryman.  Gardening Volunteers of South Texas will be holding our April Gardening Essentials Class at Fanick's beginning noon tomorrow and you're invited.   Learn more about gardening, and tour a 75-year multi-generation family business, and also get a nice discount.

Pomegranate blooms are a favorite.

Bright orange and a pretty shape that stands out in the trees.

A Pomegranate forming on the lower left.  We don't count on getting fruit since it is so variable with weather conditions.

Henry and Augusta Duelberg Salvias bloom with little to no care.  I tried the white Augusta in a separate bed but they look much better in combination with blue Henry.  I think they would have liked it that way.

My weeds really are wildflowers or many of them at least.  As I wait for woody perennials to bloom yellow Greenthread and Prairie Verbena fill in among Bluebonnets going to seed.   Looks like a great crop of Bluebonnets for next year.

All in all a great month in the garden.

That's the best of blooms from my garden for April.  Be sure to head over to GBBD at May Dreams Gardens to see what Carol and other bloggers are sharing from their gardens.  I look forward to meeting Carol and 90+ fellow bloggers at the Garden Bloggers Fling in May.


  1. I love you wildflower meadow, Shirley. Seeing the Pomegranate in bloom also has me wondering where I could put one of those. Happy GBBD!

  2. Spring is lovely in your garden! I am enjoying the coolish but lovely spring here in Houston also. Rather be on the porch or in the garden than anywhere else : )

  3. I've been trying to juggle blogging and working in the garden when our weather allows it too. I have to be willing to bundle up and work in the misty drizzle. I'm moving plants all around this spring too. I love Bloom Day posts that include roses, since I don't grow them, thanks for sharing yours. Good advice too about mingling white and blue versions of plants. I sowed a white version of 'Blue Glitter' Eryngium this year and was going to plant it on its own, but it might look better mingled with the blue.

  4. So many beauties! Love the Salvia!

  5. So pretty, Shirley. Lucky you to be able to grow Pomegranates. The flowers are pretty, too! Looks like a good time of year to be in Texas!

  6. I loved your garden! It looks so warm, sunny, and cheerful - something I am craving now.

  7. Nice to see the pomegranate flowers. I have two in the greenhouse and for the first time I've just planted one outside this year. It's one of the Russian ones, but I suspect getting fruit will be a dicey proposition.


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