Friday, November 3, 2017

Haunting Magnolia Pearl

The look of it always draws me in.  Magnolia Pearl, a shop just east of Fredericksburg, looks so cool from the highway that I must stop.  Every time.

Appears almost as a haunted house tucked among the oaks with its fanciful styling though it is newly constructed from old wood and vintage building materials.

The well-lit interior with large windows and glass doors quickly dispels the haunted house notion.

Every single thing here is just so cool.  Great accessories on the porch and ideas to take away.

Chicken coop on an old pickup truck.

No chickens today.

The incredible containers and succulent displays are literally mesmerizing.

I could spend a lot of time just taking in all the details.

An iron bed frame dangling by ropes and pulleys is a fascinating take on the day bed.

White painted faux bois graces the porch.

A few unpainted faux bois pieces for good measure.

There's even a tree through the porch roof

It turns out the merchandise is the most haunting part.

Inside you'll find an imaginative line of clothing designed by the owner.  Vintage fabrics and art are her primary inspiration though she draws from many sources.  The current collection is a tribute to Frida Kahlo rendered in surprisingly muted tones.  I didn't take any photos inside but their website shows the interior.  The style is a bit unusual for walking around the Texas Hill Country so most of their customers live elsewhere and they ship all over the world.

It's especially fun to go back through their gallery of past collections like this one from Winter 2016 which was on display when I first visited last fall.

Interesting to peruse but $95 for a tattered Lone Star Beer Tee Shirt?  $400 jackets with moth holes and patches?  Not for my closet but I do appreciate the artistry.

Enjoy haunting Magnolia Pearl as much as I do.


  1. That looks like the kind of shop that would draw me in too. I'm very much drawn to unusual clothes like that as well, but I could never actually wear them, not with my chubby, little old lady body.

  2. Totally cool! I'd have come to a dead stop too. I love that chicken coop.

  3. I agree: I like everything about it, too, and I'm not sure where to start. Mainly, I guess, it's the earthiness of it and all the wood and stonework. I would love to view the clothes, too, but I'm finding I'm tending more toward classic styles as I'm getting older. The place does look haunted from a distance!

  4. Now I see what you meant! :)

  5. What a wonderful looking shop. I love places that pay attention to all of those details. I love that chicken coop too.

  6. I'd want to stop here all the time too, just to see the cool stuff outside!

  7. It is such a creative space! I drive past Magnolia Pearl twice a week and have stopped in a time or two. The clothing is unique and I am not quite sure I am “cool” enough to wear it!


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