Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday May 2015

Wildlife Wednesday is hosted the first Wednesday of each month by Tina at "My gardener says...." as an opportunity for bloggers to share wildlife sightings in the garden.

April brings sightings of beetles, flies, bees, and butterflies

A number of these shiny beetles with light markings were active in the garden during April.  They particularly liked the Clammy Weed.  Attempts to identify were inconclusive.

Solitary Bees have been working the garden all spring.  When I am in the garden they buzz over to check me out and then go on about their business.  There are several different types:  Carpenter, Mason, Digger, Plasterer and even Sweat Bees.  Which one this is I cannot tell for sure.

Irredescent pollinator on Pomegranate blossom, very pretty but struck out when trying to identify.  Is it a fly or a bee?

A black-chinned "bully" hummingbird, has taken up residence on a bare live oak twig.

He doesn't care about nectaring the flowers because his goal is to keep the others away.  He has even gone after butterflies.

Butterflies, now this is easier.  Red Admiral on Mexican Flame Vine.

Queen Butterfly on Verbena Bonariensis.

Those are a few of the visitors in my garden over the last month.  For more on wildlife in the garden check out the comments at Tina's blog.


  1. Great array of critters in your garden, Shirley. It's been a bountiful spring for you as well, I can see. I loved your hummer shot--those little things are so hard to get in photo-form, I usually just put down the camera and watch. Thanks for joining in!

  2. It's nice to see so much wildlife activity in the garden Shirley, garden microcosm working well :)

  3. Wow- great shots! Though it is true I stink at identifications, yet I try, Shirley, yet I try. : ) I believe your tiny green pollinator is a sweat bee. The wings are folded over the body at rest, so that leads me to bee rather than fly, because flies keep their wings out at a slight angle. The gorgeous coloring is typical for agapostemon, and they come in all sizes.

    Everything looks so happy in your gardens so I'm hoping the gardener is happy too! Thanks for sharing your wild spaces.

  4. Some of your visitors rival the plants.

  5. These visitors are beautiful and so much less destructive than the deer!

  6. Love the hummingbird shots! I have been trying to get a good one and have not been successful as of yet.

  7. I love your little hummer. And I know what you mean about them being bullies...seems like they spend more time fighting each other off from the feeder than actually eating. Too bad they don't realize there is more than enough to go around.


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