Monday, December 15, 2014

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day December 2014

So many blooms to share this beautifully mild December.  If we hadn't had a freeze in November there would be even more blooms.  I'm joining Carol at May Dreams Gardens and many more garden bloggers in posting what's blooming for December.

Devil's Tongue Cactus bloomed late last week.  Usually an October bloomer, this one was a surprise.

Lasts just one day,  I spotted it on the way to get the mail.  Sometimes called "candy cactus" because the core can be made into candy.

Salvia Chiquita hides in the summer and then produces tiny blue blooms in cooler weather.

Salvia Indigo Spires blooms most of the year unless it freezes back

Gregg's Mistflower is a butterfly flower and the butterflies have remained around

Salvia 'Amistad' continues to produce those gorgeous purple blooms

Most lavenders bloom once in the spring, not so with Fernleaf Lavender which blooms from spring to fall or longer.  The tradeoff is it smells slightly like a skunk instead of the usual lavender fragrance.  It is an annual that will die off in a hard freeze but it reseeds freely to return in the spring.

Pink Trumpet Vine was a late bloomer with these being its first blooms this year.

Helenium araum adds bright yellow accents to the garden for months.

Salvia farinacea 'Henry Duelberg' looks good with a background of Helenium.

Gomphrena 'Fireworks' and the fainter blooms of Dalea greggii in the background.

Gomphrena 'Carmine'

Texas Sage

Woolly Bee Brush

In the oddment category a large amaranth seedhead fell during a big rain and sprouted back in late October.  I expected them to freeze but they bloomed at about 6 inches instead of the typically three to four feet.  Nice fall groundcover.

Salvia greggii

Tropical Sage, Salvia coccinea

It looks like roses from the garden will be on the table at Christmas since our mild weather is due to stick around for at least ten days. 

Red Knockout rose.

Double Pink Knockout rose

My favorite Mr. Moy rose, beautiful red rose developed for our climate.  Those are Bluebonnet seedlings in the background.

Are seed pods flowers?  I'm calling it that way to show you all the seed pods on this triple purple Datura.  Two more flowers are budding as well.  I love the pods too.

Salvia madrensis typically blooms in the fall and this year it has been cheerily blooming away for several months.

Check out May Dreams Gardens to see all the blooms other garden bloggers are sharing this December.


  1. Really...even the cactus has blooms? Here only Trailing Rosemary is blooming. Salvia and Leucophyllum going that strong is quite warming on our chilly day and cold night.

  2. I'm amazed and impressed with the amount of blooms you have for the time of the year Shirley! I wonder now if I can source a Texas sage in hear even if it won't be hardy, love its dainty blooms and foliage!

  3. You have a LOT going on in the garden Shirley! I love that yellow Salvia, which I've never seen here. My fernleaf lavender, beautiful just last month, seems to have suddenly turned gray - I haven't decided whether to try cutting it back or just tearing it out. Sadly, it has never reseeded for me.

  4. You are so flowery over there! I miss my garden...I need to go take some pics!!!! Been so busy the last few months.

  5. You have so many flowers still going strong , what a treat for us and you! Happy GBBD!

  6. That oddity amanranth ground cover is so striking. I wonder if you collected seed from those if they'd produce other shorter-than-normal stalks? I sure love they way they look - even if that is not reproducible it is a lucky effect of our mild winter so far. And that datura! It would be tricky to guess it was mid December just from the photos.

    Happy Holidays (roses on the table or not) to you and yours!

  7. Love the Datura buds. Your part of the world is gorgeous this time of year!

  8. So many beautiful blooms still going on in your garden! Datura seed heads are really cool!


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