Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

Meet Patches the neighbor's cat.  She's a hairless cat which gives her an awesome Halloween costume. Oh, those eyes!

Patches finds my garden a good place to hunt.....

and explore

Hi there!

This pole makes a great scratching post.

She especially loves to rub on the spikiest plants.  A surprise since her skin is so exposed.

Sometimes she surprises me when I walk outside and catch a quick glimpse.  I think she might be the Chupacabra.  But don't worry, she won't suck the life out of your goat like the mythical Chupacabra.  At least I don't think so since she hasn't sucked the life out of our goats yet.  But then, we don't have any goats.

She loves to climb our bending trees but is not so good at the getting back down part.  Now she's begging to be rescued...

Patches is very affectionate and loves to follow me around as I work in the garden or, even better, talk me into sitting down so she can jump in my lap.  She's not completely hairless--her coat is very short-haired and feels like Nubuck suede.  About that goat thing, maybe I should get a goat and test my theory or....maybe not.

Patches says BOO!

and Happy Halloween

From Patches and me!


  1. A Sphynx! She really is a little scary-looking. Happy Halloween, Shirley!

  2. Happy Halloween, Shirley! Patches is such a perfect subject for a Halloween post. I would be mistaking her for the Chupacabra as well.

  3. Happy Halloween Patches! (And Shirley, too.) Are there any goats in your neighborhood? Maybe there's a reason...

  4. Shirley, your garden looks like a park. I can see why the cat likes to come visit you. She looks a little like a Gollum. She does add a spooky air.

  5. Happy Halloween to you and Patches :)

  6. OMG! That is one scarey cat! Happy Halloween to you too!

  7. Hahaha - cats can be adorable visitors can't they? Once you get past her unusual looks, Patches seems to be a sweetheart. Happy Halloween to you, to Patches, and to all the residents of Rock-Oak-Deer!

  8. What a twisted post - I like it! And it reminds me of what all cats are really like under their fur...

  9. Oh my, if Patches came to visit me in my garden I'm afraid I'd scream.

  10. I think she's adorable--hairless and all. Happy Halloween to you!

  11. You've heard of "ugly-handsome"? Patches wins that contest, hands-down. Happy Halloween!

  12. Great Halloween shots with Patches and especially the last one!


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