Friday, June 14, 2013

White Rock East Garden Tour Dallas: Tour Wrap up

During a recent weekend in Dallas I toured nine gardens in the White Rock East area near the Dallas Arboretum.  The gardens on tour covered three adjacent neighborhoods and ranged from new homes with very standard landscaping and huge lawns to older homes with lots of character and personal backyard retreats.  I featured four of my favorites in individual posts and this post combines highlights from the other five.

Our tour of the Breedlove garden in Casa Linda Estates begins with a beautiful stone and brick home on a very large lot.

Charming front porch with blooming climbing rose 

Relaxing and inviting

The huge backyard had nice features with the cabana and pool.

I like the flagstones set in lawn around the pool which allows more permeable surface area

The cabana and limestone outdoor fireplace with all the amenities

The warm color scheme of the outdoor furniture is picked up by the plants.

They thoughtfully left the door open to the screened porch so we could peek inside

Next, the Pippin Garden in Little Forest Hills highlighted repurposed objects like these old window sashes on the fence.

This driftwood piece was found at a garage sale.

Whimsical serpent in the bed below

Festive, fun and casual, this area translates to many locales.

Colorful slag glass collection on display

Now on to Forest Hills and the Lee Garden.  Presented here in collage form it was a large newer house in an older neighborhood with typically nice landscaping and plenty of lawn that most likely expresses the style of the landscape designer and maintenance company.

Still in Forest Hills the Sorrells garden also featured a landscaped pool area with a fountain this time with a bronze sculpture.

A pretty back porch vignette with cheerfully painted Adirondack chairs supporting a nearby parochial high school.  The window trim color picks up the colorful theme and is a nice departure from the usual choices.

These pot hangers and repurposed items were part of a display by local artisans.

Bird sculptures made from old garden tools were available for sale

The Bevers garden in Forest Hills featured several nice water features like this rock and stream.

Details like the chimney and rough mortar gave the house a romantic feel.

The rough mortar detail continues around the house.  A sculpture in the courtyard.

Container plantings and vintage glider in the same courtyard.

Around in the backyard a wheelbarrow holds plants

Tiered Italian Fountain adds elegance

With plastic shark in the pond below

Just in case we forget we're in Dallas one of the organizers drove around in this Cow Car.

I was told her garden has been on the tour in the past and I'll bet it was a fun one.

The tour was a good look at three Dallas neighborhoods which departed significantly from my typical view of the city and the money raised will help with local projects.

To take a look back the rest of the tour you can begin with the Collins/Spalding garden.

Reminder:  Austin author, blogger, and garden designer Pam Penick will be speaking at noon on Monday, June 17th, at the San Antonio Garden Center.  More details on the event in my post here.


  1. Though there were no lone stars in this series, the cow car makes up for it! Good job posting on all these gardens you're seeing...if only I could show more of mine...

  2. Thank you for the tours. You covered a lot of territory in one post and I love it!
    Now I'm off to see your other posts and tours. Yipee!

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  4. Now that place is whimsical! I really wanted to jump in that pool! The painted chairs, fountains, and wheelbarrow planter add so much personality!

  5. The local builders like to show those outdoor living areas at garden shows, they look just as great in real life. Pools must be practically a necessity when the temps are over 90*F all summer, here I could go for a hot tub. Nice gardens, thanks for sharing.

    1. Pools are a nice feature in our hot climate. We rarely get cold enough for the hot tub even in winter.

  6. I know I said three garden visits was my limit, but the other day I did seven. Now I have an even greater appreciation for what you have done for us here. Thanks!

    1. Most of our garden tours have at least six gardens so I'm getting used to it. You did a nice job your tour preview too.

  7. Nice gardens. It's interesting for me to see outdoor pools in gardens because here, where we have maybe 3 - 4 days a year that might get into the 90's, it doesn't seem like they'd get used much. People do have them here but they're fairly unusual.

    1. We get into the 90's sometimes in February so we have a long pool season that makes it worth it. They are not unusual in Texas where you will find them across all price ranges.

  8. You find the best parts of these gardens and bring them to life...wonderful!

    1. Thank you Donna, I enjoy the tours.

  9. What beautiful gardens. I almost spewed my tea when I scrolled down to the cow car! I bet her garden is fun too.

    I love all the water features you saw too. I have recently discovered a passion for rocks, the bigger the better. Just wish I could move them around.

    1. It is hilarious and so appropriate to the style of the tour, I think you even live in the DFW area so you must have seen a few with longhorns on the hood or something.

  10. Thanks for sharing your tours, Shirley. I always enjoy these glimpses of other gardens. There were some nice touches - I love the bird sculpture along the side of the house and the plastic shark in the pond.

  11. A shark in the fountain -- funny! I like the customized Adirondacks too. Actually you picked out a lot of neat features in these gardens. Thanks for the tour!