Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Gardens on Tour in Austin: Highland Terrace West Part 1

This is the fourth in my five-part series on the Gardens on Tour for the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.  Last Saturday I joined Austin bloggers Pam Penick of Digging, Catherine Jones of The Whimsical Gardener, and David Cristiani of The Desert Edge from Albuquerque for a fun day of touring.  You can see the third garden, Placid Place, in my previous post.  After lunch we headed to Highland Terrace West and the second of the homeowner-designed gardens on tour this year.  This was a beautiful garden full of ideas.

Bruce Baldwin built many of the items in the garden and Colleen Jamison handled the planting and accessorizing.  Jenny of Rock Rose spent several hours as a volunteer in this garden so check out her post for the best scoop.  Pam at Digging also has a great take on this garden which is in her old neighborhood.

We were greeted by this bright and inviting front porch.

A small fountain to the right side of the porch is filled with condensate from the air conditioner.  Since we run our air conditioners most of the year, that's a lot of water put to good use.  The roses repeat the warm colors on the porch. 

Further around the corner the side yard is lush with plants like this palm which hides a bin against the fence.

The air conditioner is hidden by a jasmine on a trellis.  I'm already looking for a trellis to use this idea in my yard.  Since we have very little room to fit an enclosure around ours this would work great.  The little building is a potting shed.  The ceramic sphere brings the colors from the porch around to this side of the house.

These boxes on the fence were show stoppers

This succulent planter with blue marbles was also getting many positive comments.

Leave the label on the bottle, it looks better this way.  A pot in front of the trellis covers those bare stems.  The bench is beautifully crafted.

An arborway built by the homeowner connects the side with the backyard.  A candle chandelier hangs inside.

Vintage bling decorates the openings.

In the backyard a round patch of lawn bordered by flower beds is the only turfgrass on the property. 

Now taking a sweep around the lawn we'll begin with the focal point gazebo covered in flowering vines.  The bright red cushions are reminders of the warm color theme continued from the front porch.

Pretty touches inside

Pathways lined with bright perennials alongside the gazebo lead to the other side yard, which we'll take later.

A bench provides shady seating at the corner.

This small bowl fountain in the bed is a nice idea where you don't want to maintain a large fountain or pond. 

A relaxing nook outside the back doors features warm terracotta colors and more muted colors than the porch and gazebo.  I see another red sphere tucked in there.

Muted terra cotta with candles to match.

Climbing vine growing from a pot as a window awning

Looking back at the other side of the arborway from the yard.

A bed of Larkspur with a pretty lantern

The square foot garden in the corner

Nicely detailed

A larger stone fountain adds a cooling splash

Back around to the gazebo

Purple accents mark the perennial lined path to the other side of the house.

This garden certainly lives up to the phrase "scatter joy

Trellis and gourds with matching annuals.

Purple bowling ball displayed in the birdbath

Follow the path along side the blooming pomegranates and find a pretty corner with a pot hiding the wood pile.

On this side of the house the warm colors give way to cool blues and greens.

The green bench and window framed poster complete a pretty vignette but sitting with your feet in the asiatic jasmine may not be as inviting as other seating in the garden.

Whimsical birdfeeders grouped together.

Sea glass instead of water in this little fountain.  This is a quick and easy solution to placing a fountain where power or water is not available.

Blue bling

Pretty combination of holly, hydrangea, and a Japanese Maple.

 Blue pots in groups on the deck

Vignettes along the fence.

The garden gate is a repurposed door

Details, details, details

Looking back through to the garden

Around front another red ceramic sphere, this time on a stump, completes the circuit.

Go ahead and take another turn around this pretty and inviting garden.  We certainly did!

This stop on the tour also included the street median and I'll cover that in part two.