Monday, October 1, 2012

Support Your Independent Nursery Month: Shades of Green

October is "Support your Independent Nursery Month" hosted by Pam Penick at her Austin blog Digging.  I'm participating again this year by posting tours of five locally-owned garden centers in San Antonio each Monday.

Our first stop this year is Shades of Green, a beautiful nursery northeast of downtown near the upscale Quarry shopping area in San Antonio.

The front is so pretty and always decorated for the seasons.

As with last year, I begin my tours in the parking lot.  This is a beautiful parking lot and reminds me of our years spent in New England where this type of attention to detail was expected.

When I visited back in March the Bauhinia Orchid Tree and Texas Mountain Laurel shown above were in bloom, my photos from that day are below.

This passiflora was still blooming late morning on a cloudy day last week, they are usually closed up by mid-morning.

Several inviting entrances beckon

A special garden shopping experience awaits, I love this gazebo

Winding brick pathways make for a pleasant garden shopping experience.

The Bald Cypress trees provide cooling shade to the center courtyard

There's also a pretty limestone pond alongside fountains, birdbaths, and containers.

Lots of covered display spaces to escape the sun in summer

Sit a while on this inviting porch

A quality selection of garden accessories beautifullly arranged throughout the nursery

I always find time see the succulent displays in the shade house

Inspiring ideas for creating your own arrangements

These vintage enamel tubs are a hot item for gardens right now and they have two on display.

Pretty fairy garden by the gift shop

The gift shop has a great selection

In this small urban location they don't have a large selection of yucca and agave, I did find this fun saguaro planter.

The plant selection is traditional in keeping with the mostly older, upscale neighborhoods nearby.

Shopping here is so special, even the standard red geranium looks like a fresh idea in this setting

These charming Adirondack chairs are child sized.

Those of us who enjoy quirky yard ornaments are not left out.

Just in case we forget this is Texas, a stock tank garden anchors one of the courtyards

Plenty of gorgeous displays and planters for those new plant purchases.  I like this fence treatment.

Terracotta pots neatly arranged

Seminars are held in the purple screen house at the back and are scheduled every Saturday morning during October. The seminars begin at 9:45 and the coffee is always ready by 9:00 am.  These colors alone would draw me in early on a Saturday morning.

The service here is excellent.  Check out your purchases at this Texas-style desk in the garden or in the gift shop.  I purchased a Kaffir lime which had been on my list.

There's more to Shades of Green than pretty plants and accessories, the helpful and friendly staff knows their stuff.  Shades of Green owner, Bob Webster, has a local gardening radio show weekend mornings on KTSA, AM550.

Shades of Green is located at

334 West Sunset Road
San Antonio, Texas

Their hours are Mon-Sat 9:00 to 5:00 and
Sun 10:00 to 4:00


  1. I spotted several interesting plants in those photos, and especially liked the permeable paver parking lot. How I would love to rip out or cracked ugly driveway and replace it with those. Thanks for the tour! I wish I'd been on the ball this year to join up in Independent Nursery Month. Heck, maybe I'll try and squeeze in something!

  2. This is my "new" favorite nursery. Since ARE closed, I've been forced to try other garden centers. There is so much to see there and the staff if very helpful. Great post!

  3. Uh oh...another great looking nursery to visit.
    I'll have to put this one on my list of ones to check out soon.

  4. Superb views, I like gardens and I like to admire such views. I am greeting

  5. This is my all time favourite in town - I find the plants are always healthiest here - taken care of by people that know their stuff. :)

  6. Wow, another must-visit place...inspired owners and permeable parking! In the meantime, maybe I'll throw in and visit our only truly independent local nusery, Plants of the Southwest.

  7. Nicely maintained place and it glows awesome! Looks like one I'd visit often if it were close to my place.

  8. That is a cute shop. There are many color ideas in the what they merchandised with plants and ornament.

  9. Ooh, now that is my type of garden centre. I particularly like the saguaro planter, very unusual. It's a good job that Shades of Green is not local to me. My bank account would go into meltdown.

  10. What a fun place! The saguaro planter is pretty interesting & I love the funky yard art area!

  11. I've always loved this place. And I'll have to say that your photos DO do it justice. Great job!


  12. That is an inviting place. The entry gardens looks enticing, and they have lots of personality inside as well. I'll have to visit this one sometime.


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