Friday, April 14, 2017

On the Door for Good Friday

When Peter the Outlaw Gardener went searching for spring at Watson's, a beautiful garden center near Tacoma, I found inspiration in his photos of grapevine basket wreaths on display.   After I spotted this large wreath on the curb at trash day earlier in the week it was time to give the idea try.

Grapevines from my garden are a decorative top layer since I used wire for the basket and to hold the moss in place.

Plants were my only purchase for this project and all will easily transplant to my garden at a later date.  L-R:  Guara Lindheimeri (white flowers just ready to open), Zinna 'Crystal Orange', Oregano 'Jim Best', Basil 'Crimson King', Dichondra 'Silver Ponyfoot', and Zinnia 'Double Fire'.

A happy Easter weekend to all!