Thursday, March 26, 2015

Spring blooms abound

February rains bring March flowers in South Texas.  We love our March flowers even it doesn't make for a cute rhyme.  By May we are well into the heat loving blooms of summer.  And the Pilgrims didn't make it this far south anyway.

From my garden this week an Iris shared as a common purple iris, which seems accurate as I enjoy seeing these very same blooms all around town.

The Yucca recurvifolia in the island bed are producing their first bloom stalks.


Foliage is a mix of variegated and green.

My newest plant is a Sky Vine from Shades of Green.  Having admired my friend Melody's vine  which grows up the side of her house each summer, I snapped this one up the moment I saw it.

Sophora secundiflora 'Silver Peso' at a neighbor's yard sports deep purple blooms against silvery foliage.  Mine will look like this in another year or so.

The next several photos are blooms from the Warrior and Family Support Center at Ft. Sam Houston where I volunteer on Tuesdays.  


I had no idea they would grow so well in our climate.

Bluebonnets (Lupinus texensis) with orange poppies for contrast.

We call the maroon ones Aggie Bluebonnets for the Texas A&M colors of maroon and white.

Aggie horticulturists have been experimenting with colors of Lupinus texensis like these purple "Bluebonnets" planted last fall.  Aggies enjoy playing with Nature it seems.

The color isn't as intense as the blue so we've had mixed reviews.

More of the abundance of poppies along the trails.

Winter annuals still going strong, Dianthus (foreground) with white alyssum and pink snapdragon in the background around the boulder.

I recently read that alyssum is a favorite nectar food for the Monarch butterflies which will be here in a few weeks.

Loropetalum chinensis looking especially good this year.

Nasturtium edging the vegetable garden.

Redbud, probably Texas Redbud.

Gorgeous, gorgeous gardens at the Warrior Family Support Center and they not only let me work here every week, they thank me for being here.

Amazing pink poppies in a friend's garden.  I'll post more photos from this garden soon.

Oh, and the sunsets are spectacular this time of year too.

Things are looking good in my part of the world and I'll have more good stuff to show you next week.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spectacular Sophora Secundiflora

Stunning, spectacular, amazing.  Words commonly used to describe many plants.  Blooms on our native Texas Mountain Laurel are all that and more this year.

Just take a look.  Spring rains have brought on the best blooms in years.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

GBBD March 2015

It's spring and time to get out in the garden to....weed.  We've had so much rain this spring, weeds have taken off.  With our last few years of drought I almost forgot about that part.  Fortunately our March blooms feature some of Texas' most popular native plants and a few others from the garden which I'm sharing for Garden Blogger's Bloom Day hosted by Carol at May Dreams Garden.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday March 2015: The Movie

What can make a deer back off from the water dish?  Watch the video all the way to the end, it's only a minute and 19 seconds.


Oh, yeah.  I'd back off too!  Wonder how he knew?

I'm joining Tina at My Gardener Says..... for Wildlife Wednesday where you can share your wildlife posts and see more wildlife fun in the comments section.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Soggy End of Month View: February 2015

It's been cold and wet for much of the last week and I needed a reason to get out in the garden so an End of Month View tour was just the ticket.

Brrrr, it was just a few degrees above freezing!  That's a very cold afternoon temperature even for February.  Just outside the front I want to go out in this?

Venturing a little farther along the walk.  The Gopher Plant I copied from Pam at Digging is blooming and repeating the yellow of the Color Guard Yuccas in the background.

Love this plant and plan to add more this spring.

The watering can is not needed today!  I'm training ivy around the lantern from Yeya's Antiques and Oddities.  Salvia Indigo Spires in the foreground has bloomed throughout the winter months.

Pinecone finial from a thrift shop nestles in the iris bed..

Agave ovatifolia always shines during cloudy weather.

Color Guard Yuccas also seem to brighten up on gloomy days.

Golden Barrel cacti bring that same yellow-green combination across the drive

One of the neighborhood cats wonders what is going on, and if there is any food in it for him.

Variegated Elaeagnus (back right) completing the yellow and green circuit that works so well with silvery plants.  The Bismarck Palm is closed up ready to be wrapped if the temperatures go too low.

Through the gate the deer fence across the back is progressing.  Wildflowers are the only green in the dormant buffalo grass lawn at the moment.

The tank from my latest visit to Yeya's is getting settled.  It needs to be leveled and filled but there's no work in the garden today.

It's been set on an axis with the tank in the circle garden, which is a fancy way of saying they are lined up.

Blooming Gregg's Dalea is taking over one wedge of the circle.

Cinnamon Bunny Opuntia hunkers down in its strawberry pot for now.  I need to lift it and fill the top of the pot this spring.

The lemons on the Meyer Lemon might be frozen concentrate soon.  We brought this and several other plants out of the garage when it warmed up last week.

Mexican Flame Vine is blooming bright by the kitchen window.

A last look over the back gate at those arching oaks.  The Brugmansia did not freeze back this year so they should really put out the blooms this year.

That's the tour for this cold ending to February.  But overall it's been a good winter for allowing plants to continue growing since there were no deep freezes here this year.  We should see temps back in our average 60 - 70F range soon.

More End of Month Views from garden bloggers can be found at The Patient Gardener's Weblog.