Monday, July 20, 2015

Visiting The Antique Rose Emporium: Part Two

Last spring we visited The Antique Rose Emporium, a retail and mail-order nursery, about two hours east in Brenham.   My previous post toured most of the plant sales area and part of the demonstration gardens.   Now we'll take a look at the rose gardens which are available for weddings and private events.

Rose bowers are the most striking features in this section of the gardens.  As impressive supports for climbing roses they are similar to the famous bougainvillea bowers at The Getty Center gardens in Los Angeles. 

Imagine how beautiful when the roses are in full bloom.  Or imagine they brought space aliens to earth to enjoy all this rosey goodness.  Those are Texas Bluebonnets at their feet.

No surprise to see plenty of roses available for purchase like these edging the lawn. 

This gentleman provides perspective. 

The garden at Champney's Green, a restored 1904 home, is a popular wedding venue.

Wedding guests enter the gardens directly from the parking lot to avoid the sales area.

The Chapel was built on site in typical local style.  For beautiful photos of weddings at The Antique Rose Emporium during peak rose season check out this link.

Although set in a turf grass lawn you can see a hint of the prairie terrain.

We wander back through the gardens

The plant selection is quite different here so I was disappointed to find few native perennials and even fewer ornamental grasses on offer as compared to the now-closed San Antonio location.  I did purchase a Digiplexis which seems to do okay in our summer heat, an echeverria featured in a previous post, and a Mexican Beautyberry which I'll show when it produces berries.

Around the base of the windmill.

Back in the parking lot and another view of the chapel with our Texas Bluebonnets blooming in front.

On the way out I spotted more rose bowers on the lawn behind the sales office that I had missed earlier.

We'll need to return during Fall Festival of Roses in November to see all of this at peak season.  Next up is a tour of Peckerwood Garden in nearby Hempstead.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Touring The Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham: Part One

Now that my garden is nearing summer dormancy it's time to catch up on posts from last spring.  When The Antique Rose Emporium in San Antonio closed a couple of years ago visiting their Brenham location became a higher priority on my list of must-visit nurseries.  In March I got my chance while visiting my sister in nearby Chappell Hill.

A cool, wet spring meant we were there just before most of the roses reached their spring bloom peak

Saturday, July 4, 2015

The garden celebrates in Red, White and Blue

It's the Fourth of July and time to display the colors and celebrate the Red, White, and Blue from my garden this week.

Kicking off the festivities with a first-time bloomer and current favorite plant Heartleaf Rosemallow (Hibiscus martianus).  I purchased this native hibiscus from Medina Garden Nursery about 18 months ago and the deer loved to eat the buds (but not the plant) so it never bloomed until we fenced the deer out.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wildlife Wednesday Celebrating One Year for July 2015

This week marks one year of Wildlife Wednesday posts hosted by Tina at "My Gardener Says..." and I've learned so much by trying to identify all the flying, flitting and crawling things I photograph.  I'm joining Tina to celebrate with a survey of some of the wildlife which visited my garden in June.

In an earlier post about Clammy Weed I noted pollinators seemed to ignore it and now several years later this easy care native plant plays host to a Digger Wasp or Blue Wing Wasp.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Central Texas Gardener visits WFSC

We recently welcomed the filming team from Central Texas Gardener to the Warrior and Family Support Center at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio.   Produced by KLRU, the Austin PBS station, Central Texas Gardener (CTG) is a must-see every Saturday for avid gardeners in our region.   Tuesday is our usual volunteer day but it was with great anticipation we arrived early on a Thursday to make sure the garden was spiffy.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Foliage Follow-up: Trimming the Sophora Secundiflora

Texas Mountain Laurel (Sophora secundiflora) is to me the quintessential Texas native plant -- evergreen, low maintenance, drought tolerant, and beautiful when flowering.  As carefree as this local native plant is there are times when it needs a bit of attention.  I'm featuring before and after of my favorite plant getting a trim for Foliage Follow-up hosted by Pam at Digging.

Naturally shrubby with shoots emerging from the lower trunk, this one near the street had overgrown to the point where it was hiding the front of the house and landscape we worked so hard to display.

Monday, June 15, 2015