Sunday, December 15, 2019

That Holiday House

There's usually one house in the neighborhood where holidays are celebrated in a big way.  This house just happens to be, obviously, in a very nice neighborhood where you don't usually see such over-the-top displays.  I posted their fall display a few years ago and decided to check out their Christmas display when I was in the neighborhood recently.

They did not disappoint. 

Fun and cheerful from Santa's sleigh to colorful packages.

Nice Nativity scene mixed with a snowman.

Santa in another surrounded by good quality faux poinsettias and trees because real ones won't last in our weather with freezes every few nights and into the 80s on sunny days.  I love the detail with small trees as a border curbside.

Two sizes of real mailboxes for Letters to Santa with a path invite the neighbors to stop by.  "Dear Santa, that sleigh with the red top in the driveway would be nice..."

All the garlands are stuffed with blingy ornaments and shiny ornament trees are very tall.

Giant lighted tree on the side of the house.

Driveway columns decorated beautifully.

Cheerful greeting.

Must be pretty at night too.



  1. Wowzer! Someone really loves to celebrate the holiday!

  2. Amazing! We have a few very impressive displays around here, too. I really like the graceful ones the best, like the one you've shown here.

  3. Wow, this house looks impressive! I love how people decorate their house, everything it cool! This year I also did a bit of decoration in my garden and also I put some lights on window frames and on the roof. It looked goregous, neighbours were looking with jealousness! I also decided to grow some asters from becase as you look at them they look like snow - they are white and frayed. Thanks for this amazing post and I wish you a happy new year!


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