Thursday, December 19, 2019

Pretty in pink (and red) Holidays at San Antonio Botanical Gardens

The San Antonio Botanical Gardens are looking good this year.  Just a few finishing touches left before the final phase of a multi-year update opens.  I treated myself to an annual membership recently so I plan to check in there at least once a month.

Pink Muhly in the parking lot is fully fluffed out in early December.  It might appear that a cloudy day isn't the best for photos but our sunshine can often be so intense as to wash out colors like this.  Silvery artemesia adds just enough contrast.  

The parking lot is now a "parking garden" and the plantings were designed by Christy TenEyck of Austin.  A new entrance (right) is easier for visitors to find and the front plaza designed for assembling groups.  A re-grading of the site allows for level entry instead of a rather steep uphill climb up from the old entrance.  

The old carriage house is beautiful but imagine walking up and down that steep ramp multiple times each visit and trying to gather a group on the narrow space by the door at the bottom of the ramp.

Stopping in at the new discovery center we can see what's in bloom.

What's happening at the gardens this week?  It's tamale season and they are right in sync with the community.

#SABOT with free WiFi throughout the gardens.

First stop is the conservatory and orchid/tropical house set with poinsettias.  SABOT doesn't have a big holiday display but their nice subtle touches are appreciated.

Always lush and full.

Native Russelia in bright red and green dress a walkway in holiday style.

Looking back at the conservatory.  Ornaments pick up colors of lantana at the agave's base.

The colors used here are just different enough to add a fun touch.

Prickly Pear has a few of its natural ornaments left.

More natural holiday cheer in the form of aloe blooms.

The "Muhly Maze" in the children's garden is like walking through tufts of cotton candy.

And back out to that amazing Parking Garden.

Merry Christmas from our beautiful new gardens!


  1. I'm impressed by this garden every time you or Pam post pictures. I wish my local botanic garden were as well-designed.

  2. One of these years, I want to get back to San Antonio--likely in February or March, though, so thanks for sharing the beauty of the botanical garden during the holidays. The swaths of Muhly grass are spectacular! Merry Christmas!

  3. Puffs of pink are lovely - I imagine them rippling in the breeze


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