Saturday, October 28, 2017

More from Fredericksburg Trade Days Flea Market

While we were in Fredericksburg to acquire The Yucca we also enjoyed wandering the Fredericksburg Trade Days flea market and taking in a beautiful fall day.

Texas stuff is popular especially if it's flag themed....

or Texas shaped.

Upcycled style is big here and a great source of ideas.  I had been considering cowhide to recover my dining chairs but these bright serape chair covers have me thinking other possibilities.

Hill Country scenes like this pasture of longhorn cattle visible over the fence are fun.

Another look at Kenny's Del Rio Cactus booth where I found my gorgeous Yucca rostrata.

Lots of raw junk.  Neal found a vintage Harley helmet for $5 and he doesn't even ride anymore.

This vendor was a little pricey compared to my friend Mario at Yeya's in San Antonio.

Looks like they decorated for Halloween.  The spider web and spider are new while everything else was already here.

Windmill blades need a little work but could be pretty cool if you had the space.

Plenty of places to sit and enjoy the weather and a coffee while watching other people shop.

Spineless prickly pear is a good choice with so many people walking by.

A working blacksmith on site with beautiful BBQ tools that would make great gifts.

Trevor (in the cap) is learning the blacksmith trade so he can carry on the tradition.

A live band gets going in the dance hall around lunch time.

Walk up to the bar which serves indoors and outdoors.

On a nice day take your beer outside under the oaks and enjoy the music.

It's not all barbeque and burgers on offer for lunch.  Fresh wood fired pizza, gumbo, red beans and rice are all available.  The whole place smells amazing.

A pause on the way out to snap a photo of my favorite Belted Galloways, the most stylish cows on the prairie.

What did I buy along with the yucca?

A smallish concrete seahorse birdbath pedestal.  I've always thought seahorse birdbaths were cool but when I find them they are usually too large and damaged.

A creamy white clay pot to add to my collection.

And a white clay melon pot stamped "Mexico" which joins one already on display in my front garden.

All in all a great fall day at the flea market.


  1. What a fun place! I would love shopping there! Repurposed junk is very popular here too, but without the Texas theme. I love the pots you chose.

    1. I have a thing for vintage pots, especially the white clay which has just enough mellowing to be perfect in my garden.

  2. That'd be a fun spot to shop, even if you didn't buy. Was that a rusted antique gas pump I spied? The seahorse birdbath stand is a great find!

    1. Several places had old gas pumps including a few of the really old round models. The people watching is more than worth a drive out there.

  3. This is a fun post! I hope to explore the Hill Country next spring, before or after the Fling. Will you be at the Fling?

    1. I plan to be there and look forward to meeting everyone. Fredericksburg isn't that far from Austin so it should be easy to find time for a few side trips.


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