Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from San Antonio!  Our wedding anniversary is during the week between Christmas and New Year's and it's always fun to celebrate this time of year.  Downtown is festive and fun all year round, but especially so at holiday time.

The view from our table at Bohanon's, an excellent place to celebrate a special occasion.

After dinner we strolled around town for a bit.  Perennially one of America's favorite Christmas towns, San Antonio never disappoints this time of year.  This seemingly random spot along the sidewalk sports a decorated Christmas tree.

Very cool window displays in an empty storefront are part of downtown revitalization plans.

Two different windows facing across the building entrance with color changing lights.

We skipped the Segway tour and kept on walking.

The lights are still up along the River Walk for a few more days.

 Outdoor heaters blasting with temps in the 50s.  Nice for walking, a bit chilly for dining.

Trees filled with cascading, twinkling light.

I'd heard a new Biergarten had opened up downtown. View from above, the River Walk is below street level.

Candy cane stripes on the main city tree at the Alamo.  It's different every year.  I like this effect which might be fun to try next year at home.

Giant ornaments.

There's always a crowd.

Tree lights blink to sounds of the season as carriages roll by.

The Alamo at night looks quite surreal.

Across the street, not so nice.  The usual Guinness World Records Museum, Ripleys, Tomb Raider....we keep hearing that changes are coming to Alamo Plaza.  It's going to be less commercial, more historic.  Maybe, I'm pretty sure my grandparents heard that too...back in the 1920s.

There's always that great view back across the street.

It never gets old.

2017 rings in the countdown to San Antonio's 300th year celebration in 2018 and a year-long fiesta.   New Year's Eve we'll have dinner at home and watch fireworks from a nearby church.

Happy New Year!


  1. You live in a beautiful city, Shirley. A belated happy anniversary and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

  2. Happy Anniversary! (ours is at the other end of December)

    1. Thank you! December is fun for celebrations though yours was a summer wedding.

  3. Such stunning lights to celebrate the season...Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year!

  4. How clever of you, to plan your anniversary for this festive time of year. Here's to you *clink*!

  5. Happy new year and happy anniversary! San Antonio sure looks like a beautiful place to celebrate this time of year!


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