Friday, December 16, 2011

Foliage Follow Up - December 2011

For Foliage Follow Up sponsored by Pam at Digging, I'm taking a rainy day tour of my yard.

Rainy days have been rare around here for more than three years.  For over a week now, it's rained every day.  We aren't complaining since we need the rain and even with all this rain we are still down by more than 13" for the year.

Through the misty day is this view of my neighbor's colorful red oak tree

Not exactly the bright reds of a New England fall, but then we won't have to shovel more than a hundred inches of snow this winter.

Papyrus is happily sending out new shoots in the rain

Chartreuse and variegated foliage are favorites in my garden and this
Artemesia 'Limelight' is a bright spot on cloudy days

White Icicle Radish leaves are brightening up the garden too

Gray santolina isn't used to being all wet, bugs usually avoid it so I was surprised to see this one

And raindrops on the vertical Hesperaloe parviflora foliage which is taking on a purple hue for the winter

Rain is predicted through next Tuesday which would mean 11 rainy days in a row.  Almost impossible to imagine just a few weeks ago.


  1. Isn't the rain great! It's so strange to have such a long stretch of soft showers.

  2.'s so wet, even I had serious soaking rain...

    Great close-up pics of all the makes such an effect on foliage, not to mentions "cleans up" the landscape.

  3. The rain has be nice.
    It's funny...dry and brown all the summer growing season, and now that it's wintertime, there is green all around.
    We'll take it.

  4. Great foliage for December, and yes, all the rain is so amazing after our long, dry summer. I hope it continues to soak in like this. Thanks for joining in for Foliage Follow-Up!

  5. Love that Artemesia "Limelight"--I don't think I've seen that here. The photo with the papyrus and water ripples is very nice.

  6. Thanks, all. It was fun to take pictures in the rain.

    You're welcome, Pam. GBBD and Foliage Follow-up provide a nice structure for blogging.

    DD-It really does clean up the dusty landscape that had really been a problem, especially with some construction nearby.

    Tina - I found Artemesia "Limelight" at The Great Outdoors in Austin last spring. Those large drops creating ripples were from the leaves above the pond.

  7. You garden looks wonderful and I'm so glad to hear the rain continues to fall in your part of the world. As for mine we are now in the driest December since they started tracking such things. I am really enjoying it!

  8. Thanks DG - When I look at your blog I enjoy seeing the moss and plants that are difficult if not impossible to grow here.

    Interesting that after our driest summer on record you would have the driest December there.


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