Monday, November 11, 2019

Veteran's Day 2019

Typically the sight of a police helicopter will send me scurrying indoors.

This time I stayed outside to watch police helicopters flying in formation above the funeral procession of firefighter Greg Garza who died in an accident while answering a fire call.

A large church just north of us opens its doors for first responder's funerals.  There have been quite a few of these funerals in recent years.

Greg Garza, like so many of our first responders, served in the Marines before becoming a firefighter.

Just outside my neighborhood fire trucks raised a giant flag on an overpass to salute the procession.

Here's to all the Veterans who served and continue to serve their communities!


  1. Thinking of the firefighters in Australia and California.

    1. Yes, those huge fires are so devastating.

  2. That makes a particularly somber Veterans Day. The loss is sad indeed but thankfully his service was recognized by those who share the same risks.

    1. Funerals like this bring out the community in a big way.


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