Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Happy Independence Day!

Like many neighborhoods in the San Antonio suburbs ours used to be a large ranch.  Several old barbed wire fence remnants were still in place when we first moved here.  A few years ago workers on a road construction project pulled out pieces of that old fencing and tossed them aside.  I picked up a few lengths of barbed wire and wrapped them into rings to hang on the fence.  Last week while looking for a wreath base I wired a couple of those rings together, added flag ribbon and sparkly stars to come up with a perfect door decoration for the Fourth of July holiday.

It's fun to have a wreath with a connection to our home.  A barbed-wire wreath around a Texas star.

Happy Fourth of July!

(Wildlife Wednesday will return in August, those critters are anxious to show off!)


  1. Fireworks are bursting in the air as I write this. Hope you have a wonderful 4th.

  2. A perfect decoration for the fourth and for your house! Happy 4th!

  3. Happy Fourth of July! What a fun wreath.

  4. Another great wreath! Happy 4th, Shirley!


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