Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pumpkin Patch at Spring Creek Gardens

With the arrival of October we can get in the mood for fall even if our San Antonio weather has been hot.  While San Antonio doesn't get the spectacular autumn colors found in colder climates, we do our best and a good example is Spring Creek Gardens which goes all out with a huge Pumpkin Patch.  Here are photos from last October.

Colorful pumpkins brighten the shade under a nice stand of live oaks.

The different colors and patterns are always fun to see.

Lots of pretty vignettes set up to inspire for fall.

Spring Creek Gardens is in Spring Branch about 25 minutes north of San Antonio.

Annuals near the front gate are displayed in a welcoming roadside stand.

Mummies! how cute!

I was enamored with the awesome rockwork in these walls.

The nicest garden center gift shop around plus they sell wine from local wineries.

Stylin' way out here in the country

More garden goodies on display in the greenhouse.

Chickens!  They sell chickens and also poultry keeping supplies.

Will you take me home with you?

Shady seating areas to take in the view.

Ready for fall ya'll!

Butterflies approve of the extensive native plant selection.

I try to stop by Spring Creek Gardens whenever I'm up north on 281.

If you're looking for a place in the hill country to take the family, they're on US 281 just a few miles north of SH 46 on the west side of the road and have plenty of fun fall activities listed on their website.


The Garden Conservancy San Antonio Open Days Tour is this Saturday, October 14th from 10am to 4pm.  For more information click this link to the Garden Conservancy website.


  1. I would have indeed been tempted to bring that furry-looking black chicken home with me! It looks like a fun excursion. I've been eyeing the pumpkins here each week but, given the speed with which the squirrels tunnel through them, I've been holding off until Halloween is closer.

    1. Aren't they gorgeous! The furry chicken is a Silkie and while chicken prices start at $30, the Silkie is quite a bit more.

      While I enjoy a good pumpkin patch, I tend not to buy real pumpkins for outside since we just might get a triple digit high well into fall. Deer love pumpkin and bite right into them making a mess.

  2. Our weather has been hot (for us!), too--80s, 90s, and high 70s. The forecast next week is a little cooler, but still above normal. I haven't been in the mood at all for pumpkins with so many things still blooming and people walking around in shorts. LOL. But time is running out to get some good pumpkins. That shop/farmstand is really cute! It looks like they have loads of great produce and merchandise!

    1. That is quite warm for Wisconsin! Wow, about the same as us. A very nice stop on any trip to the Texas Hill Country.

  3. thanks for this tip! next trip to Johnson City will include a detour (assuming I survive next weekend, of course! ;)

    1. Yes, yes! It's an awesome stop during any trip to the Hill Country.

  4. I live between Blanco and Wimberley and work in San Antonio - so I drive by this place (and see their sign) everyday. I haven't taken the time to stop in, but now I see that I really need to! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, and it looks like our really hot weather might be over ... for a few days maybe :-)


    1. Wow, that's quite a commute! I drove by several times before stopping also. It's beautiful and you will enjoy walking around for a break.

      We'll be back up in the 90s by the weekend.

  5. What a cool place with cute chickens. The amount of pumpkins they've brought in is impressive as I know they don't grow well in Texas.

    1. Surprisingly we grow a lot of pumpkins in Texas, they just don't last long when picked. Especially when carved, they cave to to heat quickly.


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