Thursday, May 19, 2016

Basil Fest is helping out my favorite garden this year!

Basil Fest is set for Saturday morning, May 21, at The Pearl.  We're excited that the Healing and Therapy Gardens of the Warrior and Family Support Center at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio will be the beneficiary of money raised by local chefs this year.

I'll be at The Pearl along with some of my fellow volunteers to answer questions about our work at the gardens and recruit new volunteers.  We always need more volunteers!

These beautiful gardens are so appreciated by wounded soldiers and their families, and also by the staff which serves them.

There's almost always something blooming and people regularly stop to chat and thank us for the work we do.  I have to say that the pleasure is mine to get to spend a few hours a week in such a beautiful place.

Basil Fest will run from 9:00 am to 12:45 pm at The Pearl with local chefs producing dishes incorporating basil.  This year's theme is "Breads and Spreads" and I can't wait to taste what they come up with.  The public "votes" for their favorite by donating money and the chef with the most donations wins.  In addition to booths and plant sales for Basil Fest, The Pearl Farmer's Market will be open.  There's so much new to see at The Pearl and I look forward to spending a few hours down there on Saturday.

All events are free, so come on out and help the Healing and Therapy Gardens of the Warrior and Family Support Center at Ft. Sam Houston while learning more about growing and using Basil in recipes.


Pam Penick is set to speak at Festival of Flowers on Saturday, May 28th at 10:30 am.  She'll present "Hold the Hose", a presentation on saving water in our gardens.  After the talk Pam will have her latest book  The Water-Saving Garden and her first book Lawn Gone! available for purchase and signing.  Look for me attending Pam's talk, volunteering at the SAWS butterfly garden display, shopping for plants on the vendor floor, and/or taking part in the City-Wide Plant Swap!


  1. Sounds like a busy, but very fun, time for you! That's a beautiful place and a great cause. I hope you'll get many visitors and new volunteers!

  2. Best wishes with the event, Shirley! You and your group do great work.

    1. Thank you Kris! I'll do an update.

  3. What a great event and garden....I agree you and your group are doing great work.

  4. I hope the event was a great success and can't wait to hear what you tasted! Such great work you and the other volunteers do in this special garden! Bless you and those you serve.


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