Monday, November 9, 2015

Fall vist to Yeya's

I took the opportunity to stop by Yeya's Antiques and Oddities recently.  The "yard" as Mario calls it gets very hot during summer months so I especially enjoy going once the weather turns cooler.

Lets see what's new; oh boy, a recently arrived stock of sign letters lining the aisles.  Can you spell F-U-N?

Enough iron work pieces to enhance any garden arranged along the side wall.

The huge selection goes all the way to the back of the lot and around behind the building.

If you like vintage pink you're in luck!  Six of these classy outdoor chairs were on display.

Garden tete-a-tete...

....Gnome sized!

Faux bois chairs and plenty of other cool stuff to dig through

Cool as is Mid-century modern chair frame.

Vintage table and chair set

Vintage clocks are on display inside the shop.

Succulent area has grown since my last visit in the spring

Here's a tip, you can buy the succulents or take advantage of the "gift with purchase" option.

Someone in the display department has been having fun

Trying not to stare at the mermaid.  Nice ironwork, that's a bathtub in there!

An angel to herald the upcoming holidays.

What did I buy this trip?  Faux Bois stepping stones probably made in San Antonio about 80 years ago and, from the same house, a few of those white clay pots I collect.

Three of the stepping stones now grace a mulched path.

We were sure to keep those edges visible,

Yeya's (Closed on Monday) is on East Commerce near Sunset Station and St. Paul Square just east of downtown San Antonio.

Have a fun week in the garden, I'm off to several gardening adventures later this week!


  1. Treasures! I love such places! The stepping stones look at home in your garden Shirley!

  2. I haven't been since we went together. Holding back because I want too many things. Lol

  3. I like your choices. Great find on the stepping stones. They look as though they are slices through a fossilized tree.

  4. What a cool place! I love those faux bois chairs and your new stepping stones. There has to be a place like this somewhere in LA but I'm darned if I know where it is.

  5. Your visits to Yeyas are always a hit with me! So much great stuff to choose from and so many fun ideas. Your new faux bois stepping stones look marvelous in your garden. Thanks for another look at this magical kingdom!

  6. What a treasure trove. I'm afraid I would be frozen from overchoice. It sure is fun to visit on your coat-tails.

  7. I love rummaging around these sorts of places. I also enjoy deadstock auctions (which aren't as sinister as they sound). Last time I visited a deadstock auction I came away with a few crates of very old tiles which were originally used on malthouse floors. Well done on your purchases - and for avoiding accidentally buying something you didn't need!

  8. Looks like a fun place. Good choice on the stepping stones.

  9. I am in deep swoon over those faux bois stepping stones, which I admit you have used to great advantage. That slope is just right to display the coveted bark edges. One of the advantages of the medium I suppose that the art lasts a good long while with a little care.

    And I do think I know how to spell "fun" - Y-e-y-a-s!


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