Friday, January 9, 2015

Inside Austin Gardens Tour 2014: The Ken and Robin Howard Moore Garden

With the entire US in a deep freeze this a good time to look back on warmer days with a series of garden tours from 2014.  First up is a fun gardener's garden from the Inside Austin Gardens Tour sponsored by the Travis County Master Gardeners.  Robin Howard Moore's family owned Howard Nursery which was an Austin institution for more than 70 years.  Their first location opened in east Austin in 1912 so I'm pretty sure my grandparents, avid gardeners in east Austin, would have shopped there in the mid 20th Century.  Robin now has her own garden design and coaching business and her garden was featured on Central Texas Gardener in 2013.

Robin's love of plants, developed from years in the nursery business, stands out from the start with a large Cotinus or smoke tree at peak bloom commanding attention along the brick walk.

It had already wowed us from the street with rosy plumes set off against burgundy foliage.

The welcoming front terrace with all the signs of a gardener/plant lover in residence.

I took away several ideas from Robin's garden.  Through the side gate, these three trellis' along the house inspired the ones I added near my front walk this past summer.

Classic, timeless designs.  I like these quite a lot.

Sea glass blue bottles make a pretty bottle tree.  Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles, or so we were told.  Not that I would know...more Gin and Tonic anyone?

Blue and White Talavera pottery grouped together accented with bright rose.

Lawn bounded by deep borders with blue accents weave throughout the back garden.

  Burgundy Loropetalum echos colors from the smoke tree out front.

Rusty trellis echos the colors of Loropetalum

Blue accents add contrast throughout the garden

Hippeastrum johnsonii bloomed right on time for the spring tour.

Green screen for privacy around the pool.

Relax under under the big live oak in this generously sized garden space.

Bottle edging lines a path to the compost area and shed.

The old bicycle tucked in the groundcover makes a charming planted basket.

Casual vignette anchored by a stunning orchid in bloom.

 Tiled concrete tables like this one used to be commonplace.

Comfortable, casual, realistic garden space

The 'Peggy Martin' rose story on display.  The rose that survived Hurricane Katrina now helps raise funds to restore devastated gardens along the Gulf Coast.

Eucalyptus adds a silvery neutral to the bed with more burgundy loropetalum.

I think this pretty climber is Peggy Martin or Katrina rose and a nice ending to the tour.

While I enjoy visiting every style of garden, my favorites are casual plant-filled gardens like this one which in turn inspire my own gardening ideas.   You can visit another garden from the Inside Austin Gardens Tour with a tour of  Lori Daul's garden posted last spring.


  1. Lovely, and with a relaxed, casual feel to it too. All those sunny shots are a sight for sore wintry eyes :)

  2. Now I recognize it...the tiled table. I met Linda L. there one day 2+ years ago, very interesting stories from the owner. Sounds like what Austin gardens were long before recent additions of minimalism, agaves, and so on. I remember how lush it was. The green screen at the pool, taller and lower, is nicely to find my pld pics.

  3. Nice touch with the blue and white pot holding a plant and then the shards of past disasters extending into the border. Seems like it would be great fun to have a nursery to feed one's obsession (though the work involved might interfere with personal gardening time).

  4. This is my favorite style of garden, too. It feels very welcoming, and I imagine it would be very comfortable in the spring, summer, and fall (and some days in winter). The continuing theme of the beautiful blue accents captures the eye. I especially liked the pottery with the succulents and teh surrounding plants.

  5. Such a nice break from the grey chill of January. DC, you are quite observant - the spaces featured here are evocative of the kind of gardening I recall from childhood days here in Austin when my family, along with so many others, would shop regularly at Howard Nurseries for our gardening supplies. This is an especially fun garden to visit - who amongst us hasn't day dreamed of what it would be like to garden with an entire gardening empire to draw from!

  6. Beautiful!! I have a Peggy Martin rose, too. I just love it. :o) This is the kind of garden I could spend all day in.


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