Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Heart of the City: San Antonio|The Saga

We recently spent a beautiful December evening enjoying the holiday lights and exploring downtown San Antonio.  In my last post we were awaiting a special event on Main Plaza.  With a crowd gathered in anticipation it was time for the main event -- San Antonio|The Saga.

300 years of our city's history in light and music projected on the front of San Fernando Cathedral.   An exciting event created by French artist Xavier de Richemont in consultation with local history and culture experts.

I couldn't help thinking the cactus is a bit of an artistic stretch but the verticality works.

Spectacular images moving, blending, changing in time with music from an excellent sound system.

The artist said he was thrilled with the request to bring his work to San Antonio because he loves our city and culture.

It shows

Thrilling detail

The Battle of the Alamo


As more and more people arrived, it was not as easy to get good photos of the show

Monumental heroes

Moving closer to see the detail.  Electronic mapping with GPS precisely fit the video to the architecture.

Serape patterns

Beautiful images from our history

Fiesta represented with swirling flowers

After 24 thrilling, jawdropping minutes, the music and light faded away.  Bravissimo!

What:  San Antonio|The Saga
When:  Tues, Fri, Sat, Sun nights every 30 minutes beginning from 9:00 pm, 9:30, and 10:00 pm.
             Check the website for current information.
Where:  The facade of San Fernando Cathedral, Main Plaza
Who:  Everyone!
Why?   Because you have to experience this.

It's free of charge and funded through private donations.  The show is licensed for 10 years so it will be around for a while.  If you can't be here in person, this You Tube video provided by the artist shows the entire presentation.


  1. Incredible! I can only imagine the work that went into creating that spectacle. I've never seen anything like it - it's unique (at least in my experience). It makes your wonderful city all the more special. Best wishes for a happy new year Shirley!

  2. Stunning!!! How amazing to have seen that in person!

  3. At first I was thinking "gimmick!" but as I paged down I was won over, pretty darn cool! Thanks for sharing these images.

    1. Without the music it might seem that way, also sharing with our neighbors and visitors is part of the experience.

  4. Wow - a real jaw dropper. A beautiful gift for a beautiful city. [Thanks so much for the additional link to the video. If we can't get to SA before the presentations wrap up we'll snuggle up in front of the computer and make do.] Happiest New Year to you and yours!

  5. Impressive! I watched the Youtube video also. I've enjoyed your whole series on San Antonio's downtown, but this blog brought me out of 'lurkdom' to comment. As you know I have ancestors that go way back in San Antonio's history and most of them called the San Fernando Cathedral their church home and were married there. I couldn't help but think of them while watching this presentation. Much appreciation!

  6. Wow! San Antonio sure does the holiday up right! This amazing show is the frosting on the cake! Thanks for your pictures and for the youtube link; magic indeed!

  7. Only one word works for me. It's a word that has been overused ad nauseum, but not by me...and I'm going to be even more obnoxious by putting it in all caps. AWESOME!

  8. Wow! Fantastic!
    And your photos are SO good.



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