Tuesday, June 4, 2013

White Rock East Garden Tour: Sherbet Garden

The third garden in my series on the White Rock East Garden Tour in Dallas is the Sherbet Garden.  During a recent weekend in Dallas I toured nine gardens near the Dallas Arboretum.  The gardens on tour ranged from new homes with very standard landscaping to older homes with lots of character and personal backyard retreats.  I'm featuring my favorites in individual posts and will combine highlights from the rest.  The third garden in the series, the Nady Garden, is featured in my previous post.

Our tour of the Sherbet Garden, which was featured as part of the Casa Linda Estates neighborhood, starts off with a look at the house surrounded with greenery, ground cover, and lawn fairly typical of front yards throughout Texas.

A peek through the gate at the pretty front courtyard.

Around back a nicely established garden and pleasant back porch overlook the lawn.

Across from the house a gargoyle lurking in the groundcover is keeping a secret.  What else is back there?

It's a huge pond with an island. 

Survivor?  Robinson Crusoe? Swiss Family Robinson?

After checking for cannibals I ventured across the bridge to the island.  So far, so good, those koi look safe.
What do we have in this little hideaway?

An outdoor shower

Every garden needs a mirror and a place to get ready for work in the morning.

This retreat is complete with birdbath sink.  A seahorse birdbath with a view of the Eiffel Tower of course.

Relax in the hammock swing and enjoy the modern electrical conveniences

While the mermaid watches from her own island

This island is complete with a lounge and outdoor kitchen

Beach pebbles between the stones adds a nice touch

Near the end of the island a petrified wood tree stump.  What could this be for?  Hmmm, rethinking my cannibal threat assessment.....

Look out!  The trees are watching!

The pond empties into a creek which runs along the back of the island across from the pond.

A duck nesting near the bridge.

Dad is keeping a close eye on the proceedings.

Natural, secluded, and private space in this garden.

Ceremonial torches?

Back to the mainland and civilization to consult the timepiece in the garden.

A reminder this was my last stop on the tour.

I visited nine gardens on the tour and have posted my four favorites over the last few days. I'll post highlights from the other gardens in a final single posting.

The tour is hosted annually so if you plan to be in Dallas during late May 2014 be sure to check the White Rock East Garden Tour website for information.


  1. What a delightful secret garden! It has so many wonderful touches, like the beach pebbles and the outdoor shower. But I really, really love that tall metal torchiere. I need a hammock in my garden.

    1. It was fun to visit and imagine relaxing there. I've seen those torches in garden centers and big box stores so they should be pretty easy to find.

  2. This is a fun garden! Love the island and the whole hidden away aspect. Don't know about the outdoor shower though. One might get used to being nekked in the middle of all that but I think I'd want an enclosure of some sort. (All nature breathes a sigh of relief.)

  3. A great tour. How great to have their own private island.

    Glad you made it out safely. I did notice a head, beside the sun

    Thanks for taking us along.

  4. That is some serious water and land area, but it is a nice take on an oasis! It does remind me more of what the wetter, or at least more humid, parts of TX do in landscapes east of the dreaded 100 deg longitude. Those beach pebbles between the flagstone pieces is a nice touch.

  5. It’s pretty, but the thing that concerned me when I read about this garden in the Dallas Morning News a couple of weeks ago is that the creek is diverted into and out of the pond. I wondered at the time if there were any precautions to keep the non native koi from getting out of the pond and into the stream, which feeds into the Trinity River.

    1. That might be why the koi were only on the pond side of the bridge. I didn't ask about that but did notice there were no fish on the part that returns to the creek. If the area flooded that could be a problem.

  6. Pure enchantment hidden away behind an unassuming facade...makes me wonder why more gardeners of means do not have ponds.

  7. You'd never know it was there based on the front of the house and the ivy-covered back area. It's really a fun surprise -- yes, very Swiss Family Robinson. I bet their kids or grandkids love it.

  8. what an amazing surprise that must have been walking into the backyard! So relaxing that space must be?

  9. What a lush garden for Dallas. You'd think you were in Louisiana. That outdoor shower is a great idea.


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